Coyote Proud: I am safe, respectful, a learner, and responsible


Welcome to Sixth Grade


Dear Parents,

I am excited to have your child in my classroom this year. I am looking forward to the many educational, fun and rewarding experiences that we will encounter and strive for together. I am also looking forward to working with you throughout this year.

 A new school year is an exciting time for children, teacher, and parents.  To have a successful learning environment, I will stress the importance of becoming an independent learner and responsible student. All of these encompass good study practices, listening skills, and a responsible and respectful behavior. In order for me to do the best job possible as a teacher, I would like to make you aware that our school and teachers promote positive management techniques that motivate children to be responsible for their own behavior. The set of school wide behavior that cover all areas and create a positive classroom environment are being a learner, safe, respectful, and responsible.

 To encourage children to be respectful, and to be responsible, there are many positive teaching techniques that I will use for individuals, a group, and the entire class. I will always strive to reinforce appropriate behavior by giving the children positive feedback with positive comments, positive phone calls home, or redirecting inappropriate behavior with a warning, use of our GPS, or timeout.  I am confident that the list will grow as the year progresses. In order to help the children grow in becoming their own problem solvers and encourage them to be responsible for their own learning and behavior, I have developed three classroom management techniques that you should be aware of so that we may work together to create a positive learning experience for your children:

  • Pawsitive Slips– This is a positive reinforcement system given to a student when observed that he/she is doing or practicing the Coyote Proud behaviors. Each Pawsitive Slip is collected every week by our school counselor and entered into a drawing.  A 6th who is drawn will receive a price of their choice from Mrs. Bush.

Students displaying behaviors that are not following our community agreements will be given a warning. If behavior continues they will be given a CC Behavior (minor) ticket. Student will stay in at recess and fill out a reflection form or finish an assignment.  This form will then be brought home, require a signature from a parent, and returned the next day. A recurrence of the same or similar behavior for three or more times for the whole month will be written up on a Disciplinary Behavior Referral (major).

  • Pebble Jar - Whenever the class accomplishes something as a whole, such as getting started on filling out their assignment notebooks as soon as they get to their desks in the morning without any reminders, etc. they receive assigned number of pebbles in the jar. They can also lose pebbles for inappropriate or disrespectful behavior. Once the whole jar is filled with pebbles there will be a reward to celebrate their accomplishments.
  • Homework Responsibility - Each morning I will go around and check for parent signatures/completed homework. I will circle with a red bold pen any missing homework, and a question mark for missing parent signature. . This is a way to have home/school communication. You can see or monitor if your child is doing and turning in homework. Undone classroom assignment on the other hand, will cause losing recess privileges, or participation for other learning activities to complete an assignment.

Each child’s achievement on tests and assessments and classroom performance will be scored and graded on the basis of meeting 6th grade standards and will be graded with 4, 3, 2, 1 on the standard scale.

Let’s work together as a team to help your student learn more and promote a well-rounded experience and be successful in 6th grade.

 Thank you,

Mrs. Bing Eusebio

6th Grade/Carriage Crest Elem.



Classroom Phone #253-373-2033