The Trip   


                                                           By Aidan Zorich






       There Once was a family who went to Hawaii for a vacation. There was a mom, dad, and two children. The kid’s names were Josh and Dan. This family was late to almost everything. It was 2018 but Josh was worried. The year before that ...  ‘’ What time is the whale show?’’ said josh. ‘’It’s in one hour were going to be late!’’ sad his dad




That’s why Josh is worried. Josh likes whales a lot and if he missed the whale show again he will be mad. When they got to Hawaii they checked into their hotel. They noticed that the whale show was in five hours.                                                         


5 hours later…  they got to the whale show and the security guards didn’t let them in. Josh didn’t know why they couldn’t get in to the show. The next day Josh and his family went down to the beach. Josh felt mad and disappointed about not seeing the whales. They all went and sat next to a tree. They saw whales and they were close to josh. They were in front of josh for a while. Then they left, Josh was happy though.






              They enjoyed the rest of their trip. On the last day, they forgot to pack their things. So they were almost late to the airport.


 The End




by Aidan

        Do you like bullies? One day a kid named Mike was sitting on his front porch with his friend Max. A kid named Logan acts mean to Mike and Max. While they were sitting on the front porch Logan started to throw rocks at them. Max is like an older brother to mike because he is stronger bigger and a little  older than mike.

Mike got frightened and was ready to run inside and tell his mom . Mike and Max threw rocks at him too.

 While they were throwing rocks at each other they quickly stopped they saw water heading right to them. 

Mike ran inside while Max tried to run back to his house. He watched as Max and Logan got token out by the water. It was a flood! Mike ran to find his mom, dad  and sister. But they weren’t there. Mike’s body started to shake. The water was already about to take out Mike. Then it did.

         When he woke up he was in the water Mike tried to find high ground but there wasn’t any. He felt like he was going to drown. Mike had to climb on top of a house. He heard someone calling for help. Someone was stuck in a house when Mike got the person out he saw that it was Logan. Max was nowhere to be found.

Then Logan slipped and almost fell of the house. But mike helped him. So they went to find help. Then they heard someone it was Mikes mom when mike found his mom he gave her a big hug and he was so happy he didn’t let go of her.

Then they went to the fire station and went to find firefighters to help and they did. With the firefighter Mike found his dad and his sister. Logan ended up finding his family too. So mike and his family went to live with their grandparents until their house was ready. 

A year later was when Mikes house was ready and he thought Max was dead but when he got back to Florida he saw a kid that looked like Max throwing a football around. When Mike got out of the car he ran over and saw that it was Max. Mike was s0

shocked and relived that he started to cry.  So Mike Max ended up together again. Mike really thankful everyone ended up together again.                 

                      THE END                          


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