The Island 

By: Andre 

One day there was a family that went to the ocean in the spring of 1994. It was a hot day so they went to the ocean in a boat they caught fish and carb’s then they got caught in a storm there boat flipped and they ended up on a island in no ware. The island was big & hot so they where going to find a tree to hide from the heat. The family was confused on how they got there in first place so they built a wood cabin under a tree to cool the cabin. they looked for food to eat only bananas to eat so they made leaf beds Hannah was complaining about going home & C.J was tiered so he went to sleep then they all went to sleep…

They work up to splashing in the water outside they look out it was a dolphins ‘’C.J ‘’said I thank that there taring to telling us something there was a ship so they starting to yell! Help over & over. Then the ship stop it seemed to not have people on it so they built a raft to go out to the ship to find a way off the island to get home. Butt there was no ship they where tiered and needed water & food to eat. One week later they  looked for a boat. they found there boat it was not discorded remans it look new so they went in side the boat it look like some one cleaned it up so they start it up it work said ‘’JAMES the hole family was happy to go home.





       THE END





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