By Asia 

Its summer 2018 9:00am my family when to an oscine in Mexico. My family thought that to go to Mexico, so we did. It took an hour to get there. We finally got there. My cosine feel a sleep so I had to whack her up, when she woke up she ask ‘’Are we there’’. My mom said yes. We got out of the car. I ask if we could go on a bout. My mom said yes. We got on the bout. My cousin and I said YAY. At the same time. We walk around the bout and got the out to sea. I ask where are we going dad he said I don’t know I guess we will see. Three minutes later I sow a whale. I told my cousin. She said ‘’know you didn’t I don’t believe you’’. I said ‘’let me sow you. She said ‘’whatever I know there isn’t a whale. 10 min later. My cousin said ‘’I’m tired can I go now’’? I said NO.

My cousin said ‘’where is the whale I don’t see one’’.  I don’t know I’m NOT an expert’’! Let’s just wat. What am I sabots to do? Oh, I know I can play n my phone’’. What do you mean we don’t have wi-fi or saves. WHAT NO WI-FI AAHHHHHHHHHH. Knop. What am I going to do now am going to die? When we see a whale, you can take pics of them. Fine that is only because I’m bored. how long is this going to tack? I don’t know why you are asking me. I am only 11 you are 13. You should know your older than me.

             1 hour later. LOOK a whale. Said my cousin. WHER. Don’t see one.  I see it. Wow that’s big! When are we going back? I want to go home! My cousin said. NO we are I the please were their is whales in fact their is one now. I said. Can you go get my mom and dad please? Fine its better than looking for whales.

 My cousin said under her berth. What? Nothing. OK? Five min later. Were are they? I went to go look. They said that the bout is lost!!!!!!! WHAT the bout is lost? YES. Oh that is good and bad at the same time I can tac pics of whales the bad pert is that we cant go home.

Its not good at all. Whatever! Look a pod of whales. Click click click. Lok at that the pictures. I could watch this forever. After six hours of trying to get to shore. A blue whale fillips the bout good thing no one was in the bout.     





                                                                                THE END




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