The Lucky Whale

By : Bella 

One nice sunny spring day in New York the Roberson’s family decides they have been in this house for a long time without nothing to do! Sadie says ‘’How about we go to the beach! It’s a nice and sunny day today.’’

‘’that’s a good idea Sadie!’’ exclaims Meghan (the mom).

‘’yay!’’ yells everyone with excitement.

Straight away they dashed to their rooms and started getting their bathing suits on and their stuff for the beach. Quickly they stuffed their things in a bag and zoomed straight down the stairs. All at the same time Skylar, Sadie ,and tommy said  ‘’done!’’  Daniel (the dad) was the last one down the stairs. ‘’CMON DAD!’’ yelled Skylar.

‘’coming!’’ said dad. They got in the car and drove to the beach. In the ride everyone was getting super hot because they were all squished. Once they got to the beach everyone got out and were all sweaty! Even though it was spring it was getting hotter and hotter! Meghan said ‘’me and dad are going for a walk tommy can you take care of Skylar and Sadie?’’             

‘’sure’’ said tommy.

As Meghan and Daniel were walking away they yelled ‘’bye!!!’’

Skylar, Sadie, and Daniel said back ‘’ GOODBYE’’ They walked to the water and decided ‘’ why don’t we go for a little boat ride?’’   tommy said. ‘’ok’’ Skylar and Sadie replied. When they went on a boat a guy welcomed them and told them to make themselves comfortable. A few minutes later Skylar said ‘’doesn’t it look likes its starting to get dark? But its only 2:23pm.’’

‘’No Skylar your just imagining it’’ said tommy.

‘’I guess’’ said Skylar. After 13minutes Meghan called tommy and said ‘’were are you guys?!?!?!? I’m worried there is a big storm coming in! we need to go home NOW!’’
‘’MOM! I’m so sorry we decided that we wanted to take a mini boat ride! We are tapped in a boat!’’ said tommy.

Meghan said ‘’Hang on I will call someone to go rescue you! Be safe! And take care of your sisters! I love all of you! Someone will come soon I promise!’’ tommy started dropping some tears . Skylar and Sadie ran tommy and started crying. ‘’I’m scared!’’ they both said.

‘’it will be alright!’’ said tommy. Tommy started wondering were the sailor was. He looked for him all over the place. But he was gone!!! Turns out the sailor fell and tommy nor Skylar or Sadie heard him! Tommy started thinking to himself I need to get us back to shore! ‘’LOOK!’’ said Sadie. ‘’something is coming toward us. A whale!’’ she exclaimed. Skylar and Sadie started getting really scared. The whale just came closer and closer. They all started getting really scared because they thought it was going to attack them. It got closer…and closer…and….SWISH!!! it went right under the boat. It took a minute or two for them to calm down. The storm was getting worse and worse! And they were drifting farther and farther away from shore! The boat broke down and they couldn’t fix it. Tommy was trying to get the boat to start but it just wouldn’t start! Sadie said ‘’ what are we going to do! We cant start the boat. And the storm is getting worse!’’

‘’Sadie is right the storm is getting worse and we cant do anything about it! If only the sailor was here he would know how to get us out of this mess! I hope he is ok. We need to figure out how to start the boat!’’ said Skylar.

‘’agreed’’ replied tommy. Sadie nodded. Together they tried and tried to figure out where the boat engine was. They all tried their best to not get scared but on the inside they were crying with fear. The whale was coming again! But this time it didn’t seem to scary. while the lighting was striking it was getting really dark but the whale…the whale seem really nice. It came up to the boat and it didn’t do anything. Skylar , Sadie , and tommy came near the whale in the poring rain. Tommy remembered in one of his comics  the same thing happened. 3 people, 2 girls and 1 boy wanted to go for a boat ride but then all of the sudden a big storm comes in! the sailor falls out of the boat and they see a whale twice! ‘’ Sadie Skylar I will be right back I promise! Don’t get near the whale and don’t touch it!’’ tommy said.

‘’please hurry’’ they said. Tommy ran to his bag and remembered he had brought his book with him! He quickly took it out of the bag and ran back to Sadie and Skylar. He flipped through the pages until he found the one page where the whale comes up to them again. It said that they touched the whale and all of the sudden it became friendly and help them find their was back. Tommy said ‘’Skylar Sadie move back I need to touch the whale! You guys will probably not believe me but what is happening  to us is the same thing that happened in my comic!’’

‘’really?!?!?!’’ said Sadie.

‘’yes really’’ said tommy. He pushed them aside and shook with fear. What will happen to him?! He reached to the whale and touches it. Nothing happens. The whale just swoops under the boat and swims away. ‘’ why would I think that this is the same thing that happened in the comic?! I’m so mad at myself! We will never get out of this mess! Its all my fault. Its my fault we are in this pouring rain .its my fault we ever got in this mess.’’ Said tommy with anger.

‘’nothing of this is your fault tommy’’ said Skylar.
Skylar and Sadie hugged tommy in the rain. All of the sudden the boat started moving. They got really scared. Tommy looked in the water but he couldn’t see much. All he saw was a big huge tail. The boat kept on moving. All tommy , Skylar ,and Sadie were doing is hugging each other they were terrified. But they noticed the whale wasn’t doing any harm to them. They were getting more calmer. They noticed that something was appearing. It was shore!!! They were getting closer!! Turns out the whale was pushing them to shore! They cried with joy. Once they got to shore the quickly jumped off and noticed a special mark on the whale they gently touched the whale. The whale felt comfort. They turned around and waved to the whale goodbye the whale made some sort of noise as if it was saying good bye. They saw their parents and ran to them to hug them. The parents had tears of joy running  down their face. Soon the sky turned back to nice and sunny not raining. They all hugged each other with joy. ‘’ I’m so glad you guys made it out of there’’ said Meghan.

‘’me too ‘’ said Daniel.

‘’a whale helped us’’ said tommy.

‘’yea a whale did help us’’ replied Sadie and Skylar. Meghan and Daniel made a surprised face. Everyone around us yelled with excitement. ‘’Lets go home now’’ said Daniel. And they got in there car and drove home. But every summer and spring they would always go to the beach again to see the ‘’lucky whale.’’




                              The End







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