The Family Vacation        By: Chris 


Teacher: Mr. Jancola


          One day there was a family that was going on vacation and they had a problem they could not find their boat! So, they went and asked the person who parks the boats where they parked their boat and he said at dock 52. That was all the way at the very end of the dock they were on.


          So, after 30 minutes of walking they got in their boat and started heading to the deep ocean to fish. Dad where are we going to fish said Chris. We are going a little farther out to catch a lot of fish. Said Dad.


          So, the family got at the fishing point to fish and 10 mins later Chris got a fish! It was a dory looking fish like from the movie Finding Nemo. Chris was able to take a picture with his fish and then dad got a fish too it was like Nemo. Chris and Dad got a picture of the fish and put it back in the water.


          So, after a while of fishing they saw a whale jump up right in front of their boat. Everyone sat down so dad can go. Dad turned on the engine and followed the whale Mom grabbed her camera and took pictures of the whale they were following.


          They spot another ship it looked like a pirate ship that was armed cannons were loaded dad looked for a weapon he found a Grable hook to go on their boat and grab weapons and destroy their motor. Surprising that they didn’t see Dad. He grabbed weapons and started fighting them to get to the motor dad got skinned but he was ok. He got to the motor and stabbed the sword into the motor. Then dad ran to the edge and jumped back to his boat and drove away following the whale.


          They followed the whale to a cold place so cold that Two raincoats didn’t really help them. Logan tried sleeping on the seat but it was too cold for him to fall asleep. They saw Whale Hunters. They saw the Whale Hunters going for the whale they sped up and tried to get in front of them when they did they slowed down at a tight space and let the whale get away.


          So, after that they started toward the dock and got back in the nice warm weather. That was Awesome said Chris exited.  when they got in the car. Logan and Chris fell asleep in a snap and dreamed about the whale they saw.




                             By: Chris 


Roblox Lumber Tycoon 2

 Book one

Introduction: There were two kids, Guy and Chris. They like playing their favorite game, ROBLOX lumber tycoon 2. This is their favorite because it was one of the most popular game on Roblox (for favorites) and because it was the first game they played together.

  They play ROBLOX lumber tycoon 2 because it is a fun game to cut down trees and get money to build your base.

Ender wood was hard to get to. Ender wood is a tree that gives you a lot of money. We had to balance an eye on a thin piece of glass. An eye is a rare item because it was in the shop for a couple of days but not anymore. So now we have to buy it from people. We have three minutes to stay in the Ender.

Then they had no way out. If they got to the Ender wood Chris would be super happy and rich. They finally got the eye to balance after 10min. They had trouble to cut down the tree Guy had the idea to carry the tree to the bridge so they won’t get stuck in the Ender. They did it. Chris and Guy got 1mil. It was Guys’ and Chris’s first time getting Ender wood. Chris was jumping up and down because he was so happy.


The next morning, Chris woke up and played ROBLOX with guy. So once again they got a lot of stuff and that time they got lava wood so they didn’t get as much as Ender wood.

        Chris and Guy wish they had a lot more eyes to get more ender wood but they have a lot of money. At school, he did his work and was a good kid like usual. At recess guy and Chris played with a bouncy ball not a soccer ball that time. Chris and Guy had more fun because Chris and guy didn’t get out as much as soccer square.

Chris wanted to make a good base instead he made a two story home with a axe room and a garage for his cars. He got a lot of land for it. He got the max amount of land

 He was finally done after a few hours guy was still building so Chris got the best conveyer in game for the good money. They had way more axes guy made a building that was a shop and a home.

 Guy helped Chris make a shop they didn’t finish it that day. So, Chris had to get off and go eat dinner. At school, the next day he got all his words for the writing competition son also guy did two. Chris was happy to know that he didn’t have to stress on the last day to finish his combustion. It was also Wednesday so they got out early. That meant more time to get more building done.

        Chris and Guy got more wood for a little to take a break from building for a long time. They had a lot of money. They got trailers with left over money

 So, Chris was upgrading his conveyer Guy went to go get lava wood. Why did Chris upgrade his conveyer so he can look like he has a lot of money? Witch is true guy was rich too but Chris had a cooler base then guy. Guy went to do his base when he saw Chris’s base.


  Chris had a big house with garages. Chris was proud of his hard work that he put in his base. He started to make a axe room full of cool axes. Chris didn’t have a lot of cool axes just the backup ones.

 Chris had a kitchen bed and all kinds of stuff. Chris had a cool base he had so much land he had parking for his truck. He made a classic garage it was a open one because they didn’t have actual garages. It was so cool when it was done. Chris wanted to see the creator and have him give Chris a lot of money and axes. But that will never happen. But the next hour guess who joined THE CREATER OF THE GAME. He gave everyone 100mil Chris was so happy. He made a shop and got a lot of cool stuff. He wanted to make a bigger conveyer but he didn’t. He went out get more stuff for his shop he asked if the crater can give him some axes he said yes, he got 5 lava axes 10 eyes and 5 end times axes and an alpha axe. He cut a lot of trees down he got a lot more wood than usual.

So, they walked to school like usual but When C.J. came we said we want to walk alone. When they got back they got more ender wood. They made their conveyer longer to fit more wood and to have it for fun. That day everyone bought stuff from guy and Chris’s shop in lumber tycoon. When Chris was alone playing himself, he made stuff for his house. It was cool but it wasn’t fun when he had no one to play with. It was still fun So Chris kept building till he was out of room for stuff. He bought a lot of good axes and built a box for his value bull stuff.

Chris loved his new account (his last account was hacked) Because it had more stuff and he had more Stuff I had destroyed my base did the same as guys but made a home at the top He had a lot more Fun on it then his Fire Io account. Guy had a garage in his shop it was cool but my base was way cooler Chris had so much stuff. He went to go get lave wood it was ok if he died he

 had a lot more fire axes. The ender wood didn’t give much but they had a cool base s that’s what counts. So Chris and Guy finished the game and went on to play a new game.


Authors note

        This helps there friendship by working together and to help build their base like Good friends. They also give and share money that makes them better friends.



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