Summer ran across the sand, chasing August around the cabin. “Come back here! “She yelled.                                                 “No! “August yelled, clutching his toy fox. “You can’t have Mr. Fox! “he yelled. After about five minutes of Summer and August yelling at each other, Summer tripped on a rock, falling face first into the sand, she sat up, crossed her legs, glaring at August, who was covering his mouth with his free hand, staring at her intently. He walked over, holding his fox toy out for her to take, she hesitated, then reached her arm out, grabbing the fox toy. “You made me fall. “She muttered. “No, I did not! “He yelled. She glared at him, He glared back. “Stop it you two! “Faith walked over and knelt down next to Summer, “Your knee is bleeding! What happened? “Faith said, “August made me fall! “she yelled, “No I didn’t! I wasn’t even over here when you fell! “he yelled back “Yes you where! “she yelled, “Stop it you two! “Faith yelled, August stared at Faith, Summer looked at the sand, then her knee, then back at the sand. “You two need to stop fighting! “she looked at bot h of them, then looked at Summer’s knee, “We need to get you inside, Summer. “Faith said, “Okay. “Summer stood up shakily, “ I think I fell on this urchin. “She pointed to the small hole of water filled with little sea urchins, red ones, blue ones, purple one, all kinds of colors, “It’ll be fine. We can take the spike out when we get inside.

To be continued



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