Toby, hurry up, were going to be late. Said Emma. It was the Windbrooks last day of school until summer. I’m so excited to watch cute as fluff on tv tonight. Said Darby. Darby don’t forget you should clean your room. Said Summer. Emma and her friends go on the boat. They see a whale and gasp. Their parents are gone! Toby finds a book on shore. It’s a cook book. Said Summer. Then they walk back to the house to cook. They find this one recipe. Last ditch layer cake. Said Darby. They need to find Livonian vanilla and Morbiom sugar. They visit Bogo he only has Livonian vanilla. The girls meet Ella the person who runs Ms. E. She had one bottle left of Morbiom sugar. They cook the recipe and ate it. Behind them mom and dad have appeared but they are both sick and can’t talk.


By Devyn 




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