The new world by: guy 


The year was 9470 and there were no whales left, but there were ai whales that they lunched into the ocean to help get whales back to life. But let’s start from the beginning.

So, the year was 9470. Hey mom, said guy. Yes, guy what do you want. Can we go to the ocean, but guy there’s so many people it’s going to be so hard to get a spot? But mom please. Fine guy you can have your way we can go tomorrow. Ok!!!

Uhhhhh wait what day is it mom mom mom its beach day. Hey guy here’s you breakfast, thanks mom, ohh yay, eggs and steak, I’m glad cows arnt extinct. Mom when are we going to the beach, 5 minutes guy.

Can’t believe were in the car for the beach. finally, were here whoooooo. Ok let’s get are stuff. Ok mom where are we going to sit over here.

Hey mom I’m going to go swim, ok guy don’t go far, ok mom. Whoo what’s that I think that’s a ai whale. Hey mom can we go on the whale watching boat, fine guy only this one time. Let me go pay. Where’s the boat over here guy let’s get on it.

Ok now that were on the hover boat what do we do, sit over their guy. Whoos here we go whooos. This is the Captain speaking: were entering the warp to the new world HANG ON ITS GOING TO BE BUMPIE. Were in the new world we don’t have to worry any more.  To are left you can see the whales. To are right you can see the people feeding the blue whales, its hard on your back. There’s over 500 billion whales here so you get huge things called doings, there called doings because they can feed 25 billion whales a load but each doing has a crew of 50 million robots for loading it, and 1 person driving, every time it dumps the feed in the water it makes huge tsunamis up to 5 miles high because each load has 1 trillion pounds of food in it. Once a month a carrier comes with 900 sextillions of feed and here it comes. Here it comes. What’s happening to it its swaying whoo it just flipped over what’s that no its going to kill all the whales. There’s to much feed in the water if the whales eat it there will be so much they will die. We need to do something fast. A 2ed carrier is coming its empty I think is going to get the feed. No, it sank. We need to tow it out of the water or someone need to get it. Ok, were at the ship lets tow it, its to heavy wait its budging its lose let’s get it to mainland. Entering the warp. Were here. Guy lets get off this boat before anything else happens.

Mom thanks for this trip it was the best day of my life, love you guy good night. Love you too mom good night.




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