By: Hannah              STRANDED                     March 14, 2018

Once there was family who went on vacation in 1980 to Mexico and got stranded in the middle of the ocean and this is how it all happened. The Henchmen’s went on winter vacation and Susy booked a boat ride for her husband Darin and her two children Lily and Jace.                                                                           Susy is the mother and is very busy but always cares for her kids. Darin is the dad and is kind of strict, but he is only strict because he wants his kids to have good grades. Then there’s Lily, she is 12 and is always trying her best at school and cares a lot for other people and is also a whale EXPERT. Finally, there is Jace you can never forget Jace the 9-year-old and who is always in the front of attention Jace also thinks he is super cool, but he really is just average.                       When the Henchmen’s arrived in Mexico they got their luggage and went straight to the hotel. When they arrived, they realized that their hotel was a lot fancier than they thought, and the hotel was where celebrities went. The Henchmen’s got their room key and were too tired to think about the hotel and how neat their room was. When they woke up the next day they got ready to go to the beach for their boat ride, they forgot all about how neat and fancy their hotel and room was!                                                                                                                           When they got on the boat they greeted their captain and said “Hi” to the two kids named Morgan and Nik. In Lily’s opinion she thought Nik was cool and Morgan…sassy/bratty. Jace just thought they were both fine. The Captain was all nice and hippie like. The Henchmen’s, Morgan, Nik, and the Captain were off in the middle of the ocean looking for whales. Then suddenly, they heard a big BAM!! Next Captain Joe went to go check the engine and it burst.                                      For a minute captain Joe started to freak out because he didn’t know what to tell the passengers on board. When Captain Joe told everybody they all freaked out, but Morgan freaked out the most. Then they suddenly saw a baby whale come up to the boat. Lily came up to the edge of the boat and started petting the baby whale. Then Lily’s whole family came up and started petting the whale to make it feel safe. Jace started to fall in LOVE with this cute and adorable baby whale. The baby whale understood that they were stuck so she went under the boat and fixed the engine for them but there was only one problem with that. When the baby whale fixed the engine, it caused all the water bottles to flip out so now they have no WATER!!                                                                                                       Now they must figure out a way to have water for three days. But they weren’t paying attention of when Morgan and Nik went to go touch the whale, and so Nik pushed Morgan in. Morgan started freaking out, so they could hear her, and so Captain Joe could help her back up. When Morgan got back on the boat she pushed Nik to the floor and Nik pushed her back. Darin split them apart and told them to go to their rooms (on the boat).                                                                    Even though Morgan and Nik weren’t Darin’s kids, he had to deal with them his self because their parents weren’t on the boat to deal with them. Which was the bad thing, Morgan and Nik’s parents weren’t on the boat, so their parents had no clue where they were. Ok let’s go back to the water situation. When a thought came back to Captain Joe he said, “Well I have a mini stove in the storage space could we boil salt water?” “YES, we can yelled Susy because if you boil salt water it will make clean water.”                                                                                                                Now the Henchmen’s have all their problems fixed but one. Darin goes to the room hall and goes to Nik’s room and has a little pep talk with him. He asks him why he pushed Morgan in the water. Nik replied, “Just because it was funny.” Darin said, “Well it really wasn’t though” and then Nik said, ‘I know now not to do that I will go apologize to Morgan.” ‘That would be a good idea” said Darin but let me go talk to her real fast.                                                                                                                  Now Darin went down to Morgan’s room and asked her if she is ok, but she just gave him a snarled look. I understand that you are not happy with Nik, but he has realized it is something he shouldn’t have done but you know what you shouldn’t have done is pushed him down. Hear is Nik he would like to talk to you “I’m sorry I pushed you into the water with the whale and pushed you back when you pushed me.” Morgan said, “It’s ok I forgive you and no matter what I still love you oh and hey Darin are we able to come out of are rooms now.” “Yes, you are”                     Now all the problems are finished, and their boat ride home is almost done. The Henchmen’s said “We will never forget this long and adventures boat ride” and as they said that they arrived at the dock and they ALL ran out and hugged the floor even Captain Joe did. Oh, and I almost forgot to say my name is Allison and that the Henchmen’s kept the baby whale and named it fixer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The End                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



The Wall

By: Hannah B.

            This is a story of me when I ran into a brick wall off my bike. One day I had a friend outside playing with me we were riding are bikes for a while. After a little       bit, we were getting hot because it was a hot day in the summer. So, we decided to go to my house and get popsicles. When we got to my house we opened the freezer right away and got are popsicles. We decided to eat them on her drive way, so we got on are bikes and rode of my steep driveway. Then my chain suddenly came off and I did not have handle brakes to stop myself. Then I freaked out and ran into her brick wall. When Margot ran and went to go get my dad I noticed that my tooth got knocked out. That was one of the scariest moments for me and my life.


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