On a very curious night, the Walker family heard very strange noises on that warm summer night on Vancouver Island. Ever since the Walker family had moved into that little cabin they heard strange noises out in the ocean.

 James, the dad went to look at what was making all the ruckus. Kyle wanted to go with him, so he finished dinner and bolted after his dad. Kyle has wanted to go on his father’s trips for so long now, this was his chance.

He made it just before James had set sail. Luckily James had let Kyle come along. Before they rounded the corner a slightly big wave came rolling their way. James became cautious, there was barking. It must be Rider, (Rider is their dog) James thought. Right before James and Kyle rounded the corner they heard more noises and another bigger wave sent them back a little. While James was telling Kyle to walk on the path beside them, Rider started to bark again. Before James could pull Kyle back into the boat another wave came and nocked Kyle into the sea.               

James grabbing at the resisting waves, wouldn’t him grab Kyle, who was at the bottom, his leg trapped in the slimy, smelly sea weed, death was knocking on his door. Then he saw it, the whale was swimming towards him he got frightened. That was until the whale said hi to him. But the weird thing was he didn’t need air as much. Kyle said thank you and was startled when the whale replied your welcome.

When Kyle reached the top, there was his dad, but he had a harpoon ready and was about to fire! He tried to tell him not to fire but all that came out was a long moan and a couple of squeaks. Then the other whale jumped up to save Kyle. Instead of Kyle getting shot the other whale did. At that moment Kyle new why his dad shot at him. He was a whale!

Then Rider came and saw, that the other whale needed water and was drowning fast! He had to save the whale, but he needed air as well. He decided to save the other whale for saving him. At that moment Kyle was so desperate to save that he died for him. He used his final breath to throw the whale up above water, and slowly fell into darkness.



When he woke up he was lying on a beach, but the beach had a weird split in the water. He walked through it. A couple of seconds later he heard crashing behind him. When he turned to look the water was closing in! he started run but fell into a deep pit. He woke up seconds later under water needing air bad, but something was pushing him up and it was saying I can do this. It was the whale!

When he reached the top, he had regular arms but still understood the whale. It must be a talent he thought.


After a while Kyle figured out that he could turn into a whale at will and play with his new friend as long as he possibly could.




By: Jonny


            The date was 11/27/17. It was on a Monday afternoon. It was an unlucky day for me. First, I didn’t make the Lego robotics team, then I lost my one and only online friend (his gamer tag was DJ Dimond Bro) aside from my brother’s friend firehawk. (He’s also my friend).

            Then the worst: a car crash with me involved in it. It was a boring ride back to my daycare when, BAM! Something had hit us hard it was another car it, wouldn’t, stop. It started to make a noise that made you think something was going to blow up. That sound was coming from the car.

            Then the car was slowly backing up about to hit the car behind her (the person driving was an old woman). We were there only a few minutes when the cops arrived. The lady behind the crash had pulled her kids out of the car and started to call nine-one-one. That’s exactly what my driver did. Not long after the fire department arrived. They checked on the old lady first.     Apparently, the reason she couldn’t stop pressing the gas was because she had must have forgotten for a little while after she hit her head on the steering wheel. Lucky for her she was okay. My classmates and I got a sticker from one of the police officers. Once I got off the bus I figured out my leg didn’t want me to walk on it. It was fine after a while but it still hurt allot.

            Once we were off the bus we were directed towards the other bus that was waiting for us. It was fun talking about the crash until somebody (who in my opinion was annoying) started to talk. It started to get boring after a second or so listening to him. So, everyone turned to me to entertain them (that’s what I do). So that’s what I did. I started to tell fake was about fishing out of a toilet (that was someone else’s idea of a story).

            Then I told them about the time I was almost crushed by a swing set. Even the annoying kid stopped blabbing on and on about how he was SOOO brave, when the crash happened (it looked to me like he was going to wet his pants). After the story, he said, “so that’s why you should think I’m the coolest. Then everyone turned towards him and said, “no, you’re not” then my friend Jaxon pointed at me and said, “he is”.

            After Jaxon said that he tried to cry but failed horribly. After that he’s just been the worst he could possibly be. (by that I mean he was more annoying and wouldn’t listen to the teachers).





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