By: JT 




Slam!!! I just won the lottery and we won $1,000 and a trip to Hawaii. “ Wow.” “ Really.” Pack your bags cause we got to Hawaii. Well were here, at Hawaii. Wow it’s more awesome than they say. Hey, we should go to the hotel and get are bathing suits on. Yay. We should go enter tubbing.


Well were on the boat no backing out now. Come on Timmy your up. “Ok.” I’m on, go!!! Wow that’s a big wave. Wait that’s not a wave that’s a whale. Stop!!! Splash, help me I am swimming next to a whale and you guys know how much I hate whales. Ah!!!!! It’s getting closer, help!!! Hold on Timmy were coming. The boat swings around and scars the whale away. And gets Timmy in the boat. Get off the boat you guys were going to the hotel. Well everyone were packing are bags and were going home Timmy proboly cant take any more of this crazy ness.

The End



The Boy Who Was Kidnapped

By: J.T.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Tom that loved cookies. So he went to his grandma’s house to get fresh cookies every day. But one day he was being followed and tom was frightened. Then Tom got kidnaped. He got knocked out because the guy that kidnaped him took him and ran up a big rock and Tom hit his head on the top of the rock.

 Tom woke up in a white van and felt dizzy and petrified. He asked, “what do you want from me?” The guy that kidnaped Tom responded and said, “I need to know where your family is because your father killed my brother.”

Tom said, “why?”

“so, I can kill them.”

“I’ll never tell.

“If you don’t I will just kill you instead.

. “Fine they   o                               n 124th street south east.” “I’ll

guide you there.”

“Ok were here.”

“Is this the wright one?”

“Yes”, the guy went in and killed everyone.


        The next day


“What are you going to do with me now?” I don’t know”
. “Ah snap the fuzz is here.” “We got to go”. Tom said,” please just let me go”. I can’t you will turn me in. You know what I will let you out. He opened the door and said, “have a nice roll.”  Then tom got shoved out of the car and the cops found him the next day. So, he just had to go into the hospital to get looked at to see if tom was alright witch he was so he went to his grandma’s house and was depressed for the rest of his life. ?


The End



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