The Whale

 By:   Justin 

One afternoon, a family went to a beach in the 2000’s. They go out on a boat ride, and then they see a huge creature coming out of the water. It was a whale. The family took some pictures of the whale, and of the whale underwater. “That picture looks” said Leo, “Thanks,” said Alexa. After a few minutes, they decided to go back to the beach. “Okay, are you guys ready to go back?” asked the mom, “Yeah” said Leo and Alexa. “Good, then can you turn on the engine Alexa?” asked the mom, “Sure” said Alexa.

 Alexa went to start the engine, but something was wrong, the engine won’t turn on! “Uh, mom, the engine won’t start?!” said Alexa. The engine was out of fuel, and then everybody panicked. Leo and Alexa were worried that they were going to be stuck on the ocean forever. And then they noticed that they were far away from land. “We’re pretty far away from the beach, don’t you think?” said Leo. “That is a long way from the beach,” said Alexa. Now, the family must wait until someone sees them.

As the day got longer, they noticed that they haven’t eaten in a while. “I’m hungry,” said Leo. “Me, too” said Alexa, but they had nothing to eat. They were starving until they saw something white coming their way. “There’s something white coming our way!” said Leo. The white thing was coming closer and closer. It was also getting bigger and bigger. Then they realized that it was a boat. Everyone was surprised. The captain, with the boat, saw the family and went to them.

The captain, Jack, gave them some fuel and some food. Leo and Alexa were relieved. “Thank you, sir” said Alexa, “You’re welcome” said Captain Jack. They ate their food and added the fuel that was given by the captain. After, they were headed back to the beach. On their way to the beach, they saw a whale. Leo quickly grabbed a camera, but only had enough time to only get one photo. “This photo might be the best one yet” said Leo. Then, they noticed that the sunset was beautiful.




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