The Whale


                Once there was a family that went on vacation to Alaska. They got a place by the ocean, so they could see it. After two days of being there they decided to go on a boat ride. They contacted a boat rental place, so they could rent a boat. When they got their boat, they said it was perfect. The next day they all went out sailing. Five minutes after they got off the shore they saw a huge creature,” it’s a whale!” said the youngest sister Caitlin. “so cool” said James the only boy. “yeah but it’s an orca known as the killer whale we need to go now!” Said Penny. Right as soon as she said that the whale jumped on the back of the boat, the boat started sinking and the mom and dropped their phones and wallets in the water and so did Arianna the oldest sister as well as Annabelle and Penny the other sisters. “James and Caitlin left their money at home” mom said in happiness. But then mom remember that penny and Caitlin couldn’t swim so she grabbed on to then then swam to the shore.


                When they got home James and Caitlin put their money together and they had about $258.75. they said they could share but just for the food until they got home. Everyone had money at home, so they were going to go home the next day. So, they started packing.


                The next day they left to the store to get food. They got food then went on the trip back to Washington.


                They stopped at a rest stop then ate.


                When they finally got back home they all went to bed.


                The next day the parents went back to work at their jobs. Penny, Caitlin, Arianna, and Annabelle went to school.


                When they got back home from school they are so tired they all fall back to sleep.


    The End


                                                                After story


One year later everyone has a phone and they became billionaire’s. no one knows how but they did!


                                                                                                                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ end of the after story! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



by Kaida

Dear Diary, what do you think about zombies and evil friends who are clones? Listen! Me and my friends were at my house and I got knocked out. there are clones to but that just came off the top of my head. I don’t know how to explain where any of the zombies came from but it’s weird now you will know how it goes.

Dear diary First, everything goes black in my head then suddenly I don’t know how but I think my zombie evil grandpa did it. My friends are dead on the floor and my oldest friend Pricilla is with my evil grandpa but he was a zombie so I jumped at him and thought I saved my friend but he wasn’t trying to eat her he was with her as a friend so my friend Pricilla was evil but not a zombie it was creepy they were trying to murder me but my friend Mirna saved me she pushed my zombie evil grandpa off me. By diary.

Dear diary Then my friends that were dead turned to zombies my friend’s names were Daisha, Andre, and Damien. They looked like they had a radio head set on but in my head, I said “they aren’t dead they were setups or clones!” By diary

Dear diary Next there was screaming in the basement it was like a shrieking sound it sounded like my friends they need help but how could we get to them with the remote-controlled clones in the way? By diary

Dear diary Suddenly I remembered if there remote controlled they need a remote to control them it had to be in Pricilla’s hands I can knock her out then kill my zombie evil grandpa then the controller will be mine but how would I do that? By diary

Dear diary Ok I will go to my toybox which is next to me and grab a metal or plastic bat hit Pricilla in the head then grab a knife from the kitchen which is on my other side and stab my evil zombie grandpa in the heart then get the controller and make the robots go upstairs. Let’s do it then, I did everything I just said and it worked. I got my friends and Daisha looked all bloody and Andre looked like he was bitten by a zombie “we have to get a doctor” I said. So, we left the house and by the way Damien was fine no blood or guts. By diary

Dear diary When we reached the surgeons office there was no doctor and Andre was getting worse we didn’t know what to do if he turned into a zombie he would murder all of us so we decided to find a cure ourselves. We went to a wired place that looked all bloody and gross and there were weapons so we took some guns and knives to kill any zombies that try to kill us. By diary

Dear diary After we got all geared up we went to a hotel there were lots of zombies but somehow, we got through without getting attacked. We searched through all the cabinets and cupboards and found Tylenol and Vipassana we gave it to Andre. By diary

Dear diary the next day after we went to bed let me tell you it was not comfy at all we saw that Andre looked better also before he couldn’t talk but he could now. We now went to a food place called Italy lit. Their food was so good even if their food was not cooked I guess my food is good because I cooked it. Well after that we were all full and Andre said that he was much better. By diary CHAPTER 2 next



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