The Friday morning was very misty, and the forecast said it was going to rain sometime in the afternoon. The alarm went off at 8:30 A.M. Everyone got up except Caylen.  She just wants to sleep, she is also a fact reader. All she wants to do is read facts. She has brown hair and eyes. She hates school and wants to be homeschooled or she wants to do online-homeschooling. As all of them got dressed and eat breakfast Caylen said “Did you know that whales grow to be as long as 100 feet long.” “I didn’t know that.” Said mom. “When did you get so smart?” “I don’t know.” she said as she looked down at her plate full of food. “I know that you don’t like the breakfast that we’re eating but you have to be fouled for today because we’re to be out all day.” Mom said.

          In the car, it was raining, and mom was driving. Caylen and Will were in the back. “Did you know that whales have a really thick coat of fat?” “It’s called blubber.” Caylen said enthusiastically. “Yeah I know.” Will said like he knows everything. “Hey no fitting!” Mom said. They parked in a lot and got out of the car. “Mom,” Caylen said, “Why couldn’t James come.” James was there older brother that was in high school. “I told you he has school.” Mom said. “I know, but we have the day off.” “Yes, but James is not in your school district, so they have different days off.” When they got to the front desk mom checked us in and payed. “I will walk you to the dock, he’s just right here.” The assists said. When they got to the dock the sailor was there. “He’s…he’s… he’s bald!! Caylen said. “Caylen!!, that’s so rude!! “I’m so sorry about my daughters chose of words.” Mom said looking down at Caylen. “Its all right, said the sailor shale we go on the boat? “Yes, we shale.” Mom said. Once they got in to the middle of the ocean, Caylen said “Did you know that whales are warm-blooded mammals. They need air to breathe so they must rise to the surface of the water to take a deep breathe.” Nobody answered Caylen because they were partly out the boat. “Hey.” Said Caylen walking over to them. “Caylen, said mom come over here it’s the most amazing thing you’ve seen. She came over to the right side of her mom and she looked at the water. “Wow” she said loudly. There were three humpback whales fallowing the boat.” Oh, on. My life-jacket fell out of the boat.” Caylen said. “That’s ok we have an anther.” Said the sailor as he gives the life-jacket to Caylen.” Thanks.” Said Caylen.    

 After a while of trying to find more whales Caylen said, “Can we go back to the dock?”  “I what to go back to the dock too.” “Ok, fine we can go I’m getting a little hungry, do you want to go by a place to eat?” “I want to go to Subway.” said Will. “OK, we can go to Subway.” Said mom. “Oh, on!!” said mom. “What is the problem.” Said will. “I think that we are going to need to call James.” Why.” Said Caylen. “Because we are going to break down.”                                                                 They called James and he came to pick them up. They also called a tower to pick the car up. Once they got to the Subway by Walmart they give their order. “I will order a 6-inch Italian bread with pepperoni.” Said Caylen. “Are you sure that is all you want?” Said mom. “I’m sure.” She said. They all toke their order and drove home. “So, said mom, want do you want to do when we get home?” “I want to play Hearts.” Said Caylen. “Wants Hearts?” Said Will. “It’s a card game, we will explain when we play.” Said Caylen. “Today was a good day except getting broken down.” Said Caylen. “Way to fun.” Said Will. “I’m glad you guys had fun.” Said mom.                                  


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