Whale ahead                 

BY: Lily 

It was a bright and sunny day especially considering it was spring. There was a family who went to the ocean every vacation they got! In that family they had a Mom, a Dad, a Big brother(Ethan), and a sister(Molly)!  This family was odd not only the fact that they go to the ocean every vacation, but the sister was smarter than the brother. You may think that’s normal but its not in this case, the brother is in 5th grade and he’s 11, the sister is in 3rd grade and she’s seven. She knew more than him and she got tons of A’s while he got tons of Ds. The reason why he was so dumb was because of video games. Yah video games who would have guessed.

While the family was walking to the dock Molly said, “I hope we see any dolphins!” “I hope we see sharks kill anything…like maybe a dolphin!” said Ethan. “Really Ethan, sometimes I wish you weren’t my brother!” Molly said. “Hey!” said the Dad “don’t be getting in a fight right now!” “your father’s right kiddos just try to get along its vacation! Ok?” said Mom “Fine.” Both the kids said. The family had reached the dock. “Where’s the boat dad?” Molly asked. “You’ll see” said dad. As Ethan’s eyes widened he stared in amazement. “Dad, Dad!” said Ethan “Look at that sick boat!” “That’s even better than a yaht!” “guess what son that’s our boat for today!” “OMG!” Ethan yelled. “shut up Ethan, people in china can hear you!” Molly yelled at him. “Language!” said Mom.

The family got on the boat. They drove around for awhile then they were sitting silently on the boat then a huge shape was coming towards them. “Dad what’s that huge figure?” Ethan asked. “It’s a whale you idiot.” Said Molly. “Hey, I’m not an idiot!” Said Ethan “Well its an idiotic question!” Molly said. “Your sister is right.” Said Mom “It is a whale” Huge waves were coming faster and faster. Then a huge shaking started happening to the boat. “Wow the whale is under us!” said dad. “We have to get out of here!” “Don’t hurt the whale!” Molly said. The dad carefully and fast zoomed out of there. Molly looked back and whispered “bye whale”. Before she knew it, they were back at the dock. Then they packed their stuff and headed home. The next week the kids went back to school. Ethan was bumed that he didn’t get to see a shark kill anything. Molly shared with her whole class that she saw a whale. Molly would never forget that day.