“Mom, I’m so excited that school is over and we can go on vacation! “said Sally. “Yes, me too! “Exclaimed Hutch. “Yeah, make sure your suitcases are all packed.” Said Gabbie (the mom) “Well don’t get to excited we haven’t even gone on the plane yet!” Said Noah (the dad). The rest of the evening they were packing their suitcases and talking about how much fun they were going to have on the trip. “Mom, Mom wake up!!! Its Saturday and were going to Hawaii.” Said Hutch jumping up and down on her bed. “We don’t need to be on the plane until 3:30 pm and its 5:30 am! Go back to bed, we will get up at 10:00” said Gabbie as she slowly went back to sleep.

“Okay it’s time to get up!” said Noah “Are you sure? Hutch just came in and woke me up, at 5:30 am!”    “Well were late, and if we don’t hurry up and get to the airport were going to miss the plane!” Shouted Noah. Sleepily Gabbie rolled out of bed. When she finally got ready she saw everybody down stairs ready to go. “You guys were going to leave without me?” She teased. “let’s eat breakfast so we can leave” Said Hutch jumping up and down excitedly. As soon as everybody finished breakfast, they got in the car and drove to the airport.

“Well, looks like we are here!” Said Noah. “Yeah, yeah, but we haven’t even gotten there yet.” “I want to relax in Hawaii and have some fun!” Exclaimed Sally. “We are going to be there in 1 hour and thirty minutes.” Said Gabbie. And for the rest of the plane ride they watched movies and talked to each other until… “WE ARE HEREEEEEEEEE” Exclaimed Hutch. “Don’t get to excited.” The fun hasn’t started!”

As they got off the plane they went to go rent the car. And after they did that they went to the hotel to settle down relax and unpack. For the rest of the day they sat at home planning about the cruise.

“Mom, mom wake them up!” Said Sally. “It’s time to go on our cruise!”  “Okay honey I’m about to get out of bed.” Said Gabbie. “I’m going to go wake up dad and Hutch. Okay?” Whispered sally “Okay go do that!”

She went down stairs to wake up her brother and dad. “Time to get up!” “Cruise time” She exclaimed. “Looks like we have to get up!” Said Noah. “Mmmhmm!” Said hutch.

Everybody got ready and then headed to go on their cruise. 


“Ah” Sighed Noah “ We are here”  “ YAY” said Sally

 They got on the cruise boat and they saw a mignificant creature. “Hey, hey mom its  a whale “Said sally  “Oh dear, oh my it is a Whale”

Captain: As you can see there is a fine whale. Don’t get near it.

“Oh no it is swimming to the shore it is falling” Said sally “STOP THE BOAT” She called out. The captain stopped the boat as fast as she could. She jumped out swimming to the poor whale. When she got to it there was a bunch of scars and stuff on it. No one was caring for it only her. The life guard’s put ropes around it and blocked it off but that’s it. “ Mom you need to help me find out what happened to the Whale!” Said Sally.  “What nonsense Young ladies do not help nasty creatures.” Said Gabbie scowling at Sally. “ How could you call a poor innocent Whale NASTY.” Shouted Sally “ You aren’t acting lady like come along now!” Said Gabbie “ FINE!” scowled Sally “ But I never said this was over Mom!”



Later that night Sally faced timed with all her friends. “Hi” Sally said depressed. “Hi!” Valerie Said, “But

 what’s wrong?” “Yeah, what’s wrong Angelina added. “Ah, my mom and I saw a whale, and she won’t let me help it I feel like someone has been hurting it, it had a bunch-o scratches and marks on its body I just want to help it that’s it.” “You mean like, you think someone has been abusing it?” Valerie Said sharply. “Yeah! And I wanted to ask you guys something. Will you guys be interested in helping me find out more about this whale?” “Uh, I’m so sorry that we can totally help you!”  Said Angelina “ Really?!” “Duh” Shouted Valerie “ Yay, thanks guys !” “ But im kinda tired and I wanna go to the bed of mine!” Sally said sleepily. “ Okie!” Valerie said. “ Yeah, Met us at the beach tomarrow!” Angelina said. “ Ok bye!”

Sally put down her phone,  in one minute she fell asleep.


The next morning, she woke up and saw everybody eating breakfast. “ Hey, im gotta go somewhere so, bye!” Said Sally happily “ Ok have fun!”  said Noah  As she left everybody continued to eat. When Sally got there she already found her friends there before her. “ What took you so long?”  Asked Valerie “ You said be here at 10:00!” Exclaimed Sally

“ Well, you came at 10:01!” Said Angelina “ Whatever” Said Sally. “ I thin I see a whale with ropes to block it over there!!!!” Exclaimed Sally. “ Me too” Added Valerie “ Me three” Said Angelina “ Lets go!”


As the three girls went on to see the Whale, it looked like it got worse. There were even more scratches and marks than before. “(gasp gasp).” Gasped Sally. “There was an abuser!” Said Valerie.  “Yeah, we don’t know who it is.  We let this whale back in the ocean yesterday- and yes we think there is an abuser. Here are some papers on this whale.” Said the life guard. “ Thank you!” Said Sally


The rest of the day Sally studied  the paper and she realized that the abuser was cut out of the paper. “The abuser has cut out his name and his face!” Sally exclaimed. “ I’m going to go to the ocean at night to see if the abuser will come out and hurt the whale!” Sally said.

Later that night she and her friends went out into the Beach to see if the abuser would come. They hid behind some beach chairs .

“ I see  figure moving” Exclaimed Valerie “ Me too” Said Angelina. The two girls saw a man with a knife and a gun. “ I will call 9-1-1” Said Sally “ Do it” Said Valerie

Sally called th police and they came aressed the abuser and put him in jail.

“ YAY WE DID IT GUYS!!!”Said all three girls.


“ Now how do we help the whale?” Asked Angelina “ We simply put the whale back into the ocean where it can never get hurt again.” Said Sally “ That’s how!”

THE END!- Sally


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