WOAH! Said one of the kids named Darriel as a whale jumps up out of the water rick (the dad) tried to take a photo of the whale but he couldn’t get his camera up in time. Luckily Machel (the mom) got a picture of it before he feel back in the water so rick went inside to get glen and Maggie because they are still asleep.

                Machel showed them the picture that she took of the whale. Once when they walked into their apartment that’s when they relived that they never locked the door so then that’s when all of them ran to their rooms to check if any one Stole something. But as they guessed somebody Stole something and by something, I mean everything.

So, then they had to look for some spare change Darriel the oldest son saw red in the ocean, so he went down to check it out and it turns out that the whale Machel took a picture of gave birth. Darriel then ran back to the room and grabs the camera and bolts back down to try to take picture he kept on taking them until rick call him back up.

Rick called him back up to tell him that they were going back home. Right away Darriel started to cry. Once wen they got home everyone went to their rooms to unpack except for Darriel he went to the beach (they live by a beach) and lucky enough he the baby whale. at first Darriel didn’t know what to do so then he just wanted then he scooted closer and closer.

                Until his family came running after him his mom had a sandal his dad had a rake and they were all yelling “move!” his youngest sibling was yelling “IT’S A SHARK” but Darriel just told them that the “whale that jumped out of the water had a baby.” “what whale” “the one that we saw at are vacation.”              

    The End





I am going to write about one time when my whole household got sick. The first person to get sick was me I was nine years old at the time but once when I woke up I had this bad cough and a stuffy nose but as time went on in that day I started to get worse and worse so once when I went to sleep.

                Once when I woke up I felt better than what I did before I still had the stuffy nose but my cough was gone except know I am sneezing but my little sister was sick know I was to the point where I could move around so I started helping my mom we gave my little sister some Gatorade and water I was the one who mostly checked on her and stay with her my mom just brought her all the stuff. once when it was bed time I said good knight to everyone

                Once when I woke up my dad was sick which was surprising to me because he went to work that day. He just called in sick and for the rest of the day he just stayed on the couch watching tv and drinking Gatorade. But the one thing that I didn’t want to happen was for my mom to get sick cause then I will be the one running the show but luckily, she never did get sick.




                But just two weeks ago my mom got sick and since she got sick it was hard for all of us and one reason for that is because I had judo testing on Saturday I think I get my belt tomorrow but the reason I said it was hard for us on my judo testing cause my little sister repeatedly is asking for a water or food or my dad’s phone mostly my mom’s though

                After all that it has been pretty good. Except for one thing though it isn’t really a bad thing. It’s that once when my mom got better she has told a lot more about her and what I can do that I didn’t even know I can do like play video games on the week so that is why today I am going to finish my homework and my reading especially my Moby max to so then when I am all done I can go to my room and play video games or I will just play football.

                                But you know how I said that tomorrow I will get my new belt well today is the day “I cannot wait!” but the thing that I am most excited about is that my mom is making beans I would say that I am going to tack some tomorrow but I will probably eat them on the way here but other than my mom making beans.

                                You know I don’t really know what to talk about so I’m just going to give it my best shot so here it goes. So, a couple days ago I told you how I get my green belt well it turns out I get it on Saturday.

                                                Today is Monday and to tell you the truth I’m not really having a good day but again yesterday I had a good even though it has its ups and downs but I just wish that I am having a better day than this. There is something I have yet to talk to you about it is that I have a dog the breed of him is a maltase his name is lucky and in human years he is ten but in dog years he should be 70 years old so we have already started thinking about getting a knew dog but I’m just not ready for him to die yet cause since I am ten to that means that we were born on the same day but most of all he has saved my live like two or three times but the first two that come to me off the top of my head is when I was still a baby so I was in my crib and lucky was under it but then all of a sudden he ran out to the living room where my parent were watching tv so lucky started barking and both my mom and my dad got up to see what was up but then lucky started tugging and pulling my mom over trying to guide them over to where I was at they walked in the room and then they noticed that I was having a seizure so we had to go to the hospital and the second time was when I was in the bathroom taking a bath and my dog was next to the mini wall but then luck started barking same situation my parent on the couch and watching tv but this time I wasn’t having a seizure well I kind of was I had a seizure but the I was turned over with my face In the water for that we still had to the hospital.

                                                Today was a pretty good day but I don’t really know what to talk about so like I said before I give it my best shot. First off, I just want to start by saying this week has gone by fast and since today is library and I already Reno one book so I only must check out one more book. There is one thing I have allyes been fascinated in and that thing is magnets I already know the way they work “one magnet is a positive the other magnet is a negative those two attract but when they are the same they don’t attract but I want to learn more about them.”

                                                Right know I’m just going to write about a random thing and that thing “in the house.” A couple of years ago the power went out so once when we went to sleep which had to be on the floor in the living room the next morning I was sick and the power was still out so I just sat on the couch while my mom and dad where trying to figure everything out. So then once when some time went by me and my mom went to windys to get some chilly but the reason why the power went out was from how windy it was.

                                                Today is actually a pretty good day I played soccer square for first recess and then for second recess I played four square then I got hot chocolate after music I got a cookie then once when I finished the cookie. but the weird thing is I kind of have a head ache which is weird cause haven’t had a head ache this whole week its only on the back of my head. The first thing that I want to do when I get home or get in my mom’s car I am going to ask my little sister how her day was.

                                                cause tomorrow all the boys in general music must walk the track for ten or five min. I can tell you one thing I am not walking that track just because I am a good hider at home doesn’t mean I can’t be one here at school. Mr. price “you can’t make do it” he was talking to Alec Tumen and said, “you can’t make them move” so if he tells me I must start walking Today was pretty good but tomorrow isn’t going to be a good day I can tell by now I’m just going to say, “you said it yourself you can’t make him move”

                                                as you guys know today is the second to last day of writing competition so I’m just going to write about my day like I allyes do but since I only got eight mins I’m just going to start typing. Today is the day all the boys in general music must walk the track yippy and the funniest part is that we only have like 15min of recess and Mr. price said that we must walk the track for five or ten mins that’s pretty much half are recess.

                                                It is finally Thursday today being the sounders game so the first thing I am going to do when I get home is check if the sounders game is recorded and if it is then I will wait for my dad to get home and we will watch the sounders game  



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