Leap of the white whale                                 

By:  Nathaniel




One shimmering morning out at sea. A boy named Bill and his family went on vacation. They saw a creature jump out of the water. It was a whale. But this whale wasn’t like a whale everybody could see it was bigger and had a white hide. Dad gasped in curiosity. It was amazing to see how happy he was right after I chewed on his shoes earlier. Your probably confused when I said that. I’m not the kid and I’m not the mom. That’s right the family dog, Ricky.  Anyway, enough about me lets get back to the story.  The enormous thing scared my owner, Bill and no one scares my Bill and I repeat no one scares my Bill. Without even a single thought I jumped into the raging sea. I could barely make out the sound, but I could hear my family screaming in horror. After a few seconds my lungs couldn’t take it anymore they needed fresh clean air. “just four more feet” I said in my mind, suddenly I lost it I was to tired and exhausted and sank. Memories flashed in my mind when I sank I knew my death would come it happens to everyone. But life is too short to give up, Billy needed me, and I can’t let him down. Suddenly a blurry figure jumped into the water. I couldn’t believe it, it was my dad. He grabbed me, and we flew to the surface. Dad was coughing because he was sick.  After that we were going to go home… but there was a problem dad lost his keys when he dove after me earlier, so the boat was slowly drifting out to sea. Mom was screaming, dad was coughing, and Bill was playing with his toys peacefully. Wham suddenly a tail slammed into the side of the boat and we could here water rushing into the bottom of the boat. Dad finally realized that he had a spare key. He ran to the wheel and shoved the thing into the key hole. All I could hear was the engine. The boat speeded to the shore with the whale swimming after it. There was a wall of coral. Luckily there was a passage just big enough to fit the boat through. Dad put Bill on my back and I ran onto the shore. We heard a huge roar and the whale was about to jump over the wall. But there was a huge piece of jagged coral and when it tried to jump over it, it got jabbed straight through the stomach. It whaled in pain and hanged there in silence. I howled in triumph and took Bill home. After a few weeks we had to take dad to the emergency room because he swallowed to much salt water. We were by his death bed and it was terrifying I felt a huge hole in my heart. Billy was about to sob, and I whimpered. suddenly he turned to me and said, “dog please take care of my family” I nodded my and rubbed my head against his hand. Then the heart monitor line went straight. I heard a endless beep and my Bill and mom cried in sorrow.




Day 1

Once upon a time there was a banana that was tired of being a banana it wanted to be a lasagna so it rolled over the fruit bowl of bananas and went on a quest to be lasagna. After about ten minutes of rolling it made it to the oven and said, “I want to be a lasagna but it said, “you can’ t be a lasagna you don’t taste good with tomatoes, cheese, or meat the banana was very disappointed and rolled away.The banana said in a sad tone “Oh great all I wanted was to be a lasagna” … but then a spark in him said that’s ok I’ll just be spaghetti. The End



Day 6

Once upon a time there was a school called Crestwood that had a secret. This school was a school of heroes. Kids learned how to control their powers. There was one kid who couldn’t use his powers. This kid was me, Nathaniel. My father was the aquatic Aqua man he could use telepathy and could control waves. My teacher was Mr. Jancola. He had the power of super smarts and selling cool things for snack at good prices. All the kids teased me but there was a kid that is my closest friend his name is Jonny. Jonny had the power to control lightning. His father was Thor the god of lightning. Jonny and I would train at recess. We were trying to activate my powers. “Are you ready Nathaniel”. “I…I’ll try”. Jonny shot lightning out of his hands. I used all my power and a pulse of water appeared in my hands and then it disappeared. Jonny’s lightning hit me. All of me was covered in ash. “That was a shocking experience”. Jonny rushed over “sorry dude I kinda over did it”. “You think”. After that it was lunch I had a sea kelp sandwich with a orange juice box with a smiley face that said oranglicous.  Jonny pulled out his tuna sandwich and a sunnyd. Then we took a big bite into our sandwiches and chomped. At that moment we said, “mm mm yummy”. unexpectedly a loud rumble shook the lunch room. Jonny’s tuna

Day 7

sandwich flew into the trash can and my kelp sandwich fell on my head. Then the whole roof was thrown by a monster and almost fell on the kinderheroes, but Mr. Nettles used his super speed to grab all the kinderheroes and throw them on to soft water bottles but Mr. Nettles was trapped under all the bricks. Mr. Jancola used his intelligence and was thinking of a plan pacing back and forth and the sixth graders threw bricks into a pile. One boy was incinerating the bricks with his plasma pulse another used there hyper voice to crack the bricks at a very high pitch finally one transformed into a gorilla and started smashing the bricks. Then all the fifth graders charged at the monster I went as well Delainee used her ice powers to freeze one of the monster’s hands and said “you need to chill”.

Day 13 the monster yelped in a deep voice “can someone turn up the heat” Jovie came behind it and said “I will” and she created a huge ball of magma and threw it straight on its head, The monster screamed in a girl’s voice everybody paused, the monster roared at everybody in my class an sent them into a portal Jonny yelled “Nathaniel help” but it was too late every person went into the portal then the monster laughed, then something in my heart felt rage like a tidal wave crashing onto the shore then I lost it, a huge orb of water surrounded  me my eyes turned as blue as the Atlantic Ocean I shot a huge pulse at the creature’s chest after that the water transformed into a silver trident the monster growled “I want to fight a god not a weakling like you” I said “ you’re wrong you are already looking at one”.

Day 14

 I walked toward him he threw a black ball with a purple inferno surrounding it. Then pointed my trident at the monster and two portals were summoned beside me a giant water dragon came out of one and a giant great white shark came out of the other. I leaped onto the water dragon and flew toward the monster’s face. Its eye was the size of a blue whale my dragon shot a blue aqua blaze at its eye the hideous creature screeched in pain the shark suddenly bit its leg and the monster fell backward onto the ground. The creature turned into a bunch of ash and it vanished. Then finally the kid who turned into a gorilla found Mr. Nettles and dragged him to the nurse’s office.


Day 15

Jonny’s dad Thor came down from the sky in a bolt of lightning “son where are you” After a few minutes after searching I told what happened to him, he was furious Thor yelled “LOKIIIII” I was confused at first because I had no idea who he was he spoke to me “Loki is my brother and Jonny’s uncle but he is evil he caused Asgaurd lots trouble he almost killed his own father. Last time I saw him was in the dungeons locked up”. Thor grabbed my hand and raised his hammer and in an instant, we were in Asgaurd.


Day 16

Thor and I walked down a path to the throne room there sitting on the throne was Loki with his staff he spoke “brother I’ve seen that you have grown hmm” “you have no right to sit on that throne, and what have you done to our father” “oh you mean dad heh heh he is DEAD” Thor charged at him in rage. Then he threw a ball at Thor’s head and fell to the ground. He suddenly arose and turned to me with white and blue eyes Loki commanded “kill him” then Thor charged at me and threw his hammer at my forehead. It wasn’t clear but it felt like being dragged and thrown off a hundred-story building. Then I woke up at the bottom of the ocean a shark swam to me it said, “hey kid you okay” I spoke “yeah I think so” the shark talked in excitement “wait you’re Aquaman’s son aren’t you” “yes I am can you take me to Atlantis I need to speak to my father”.


Day 17

I got onto the sharks back and he started swishing his tail side to side and we glided across the water like a torpedo.


After a few hours, a lightning storm came then said “alright time to have fun”, a humongous wave came over us then we swam into it and jumped out at the very top and went flying off it. I felt like I was flying then… Loki came out of the wave and shot the shark with a blue blast. The shark went falling into a giant reef rock. My eyes couldn’t believe what I saw the shark was dead I saw its bruises and scratches. Then something in the water made a whirlpool and a figure was in the middle. It was my dad he used his telepathy and an orca pack jumped out of the water and started spy hopping around Loki but he was too high. I didn’t know how I activated my powers the last time but I had to try. after that I realized my heart belies within the ocean and my soul in the waves. I believed in the ocean and the ocean believed in me.


Day 21

I Whispered to myself “I believe” right after that, it happened. The water surrounded me and my silver trident formed into my hand I yelled “Loki you will pay for everything you coward face me and fight” My dad commanded stop Nathaniel you don’t know what you are about to do” “ don’t worry dad I was born to do stuff like this” I leaped toward Loki in a huge burst of scalding water. Loki laughed “you are no match for me” he teleported in front of me and stabbed me with his staff. When he stabbed me, it broke into a bunch of dust. A blue orb went into the water My dad yelled Nathaniel get the orb it will explode in the water, and we are on top of Atlantis. I whistled and a manta ray jumped out of the water. I rode on the manta into the darkness of the ocean.


Day 28

I saw the Atlantean light then the guard Zach flew from the ocean depths he was only in fifth grade but he was fast and strong. “Nathaniel the orb” “I’m trying”  A great white shark came from the side it was Zach’s shark, Razor Fang the massive shark had a saddle.


Day 29

Zach swam to the shark and rode into Atlantis. The orb started to glow magenta I used my telepathy and a bunch of sardines made a wall to catch the orb, the orb exploded and the sardines died but you can’t win a battle without sacrifice. Aqua man dived into the water and grabbed the orb and the orb was about to blow up again. “DAD WHAT ARE YOU DOING” “son I’m going to charge at Loki and destroy him” “but dad if you attack Loki with the orb it will explode with you by it” “you can’t win a battle without sacrifice. After that he charged at Loki and jumped out of the water and grabbed Loki, I screamed “NOOOOOOO”. The only thing I heard was yelling and an explosion.

A few weeks later we had the funeral and my heart shattered.



Day 30

Every king has risen above from the rest and every has fallen. My dad’s dad has passed away and this time it was my father’s turn. Everybody was shocked and depressed. The priest spoke “Nathaniel come forth” I took deep breath and kneeled. A girl named Kaida swam beside the priest and said, “father are you sure he is ready looks so skinny and short” “Hey I’m not short. The priest announced, “Today is a day of pride but it is also a day of sorrow today we get a new king and a loss of a loved one”. The priest bowed and handed me my dad’s gold trident. “No, I don’t want it it’s power it’s to great”. I grabbed the trident and laid it at my father’s side and closed the coffin. My home Atlantis still lies today at the bottom of the ocean and I’m still looking for Loki. Right now I’m at Covington Washington and I’m king of Atlantis.   



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