Whale of A Time

One sunny morning 3 fellas Max Michal and Dany decide to go to the beach to see a whale jumping out of the water.

 Max and Dany really wanted to go but Michal didn’t want to go, he wanted to stay in bed. Michal was always the lazy he never wanted to do chores even for money he never wanted to play outside he never wanted to clean his room do the laundry he was just lazy and wanted to stay in bed. Max was always the bossy brother he wanted to play games by the rules if he was asked to clean he would make his brothers do it neatly he loved to clean he isn’t just bossy he steps up for his brothers and he’s always interested. Dany was always exited for almost anything whenever he had to clean he would make it a game he would help others he always made his family laugh.

the 3 boys went on a boat ride to see a whale. When they got to the boat the guy who gave them the boat said something was happening with the whales they were deciphering. They still went to the ocean and waited almost one hour they went to many spots but they couldn’t find any whales but they decided to go check tomorrow because it was almost noon. they went to get food because Michal wouldn’t stop asking for food. So, after they ate it was 9:00PM and they went to sleep.

 Max and Dany woke up at 7 in the morning they left at 8:30 because one hour was to pack stuff. The other 30 minutes was to wake up Michal. After Michal woke up they left to get a boat they drove to an island that looked normal with a mountain. But the mountain wasn’t a mountain it was a lair where the villain lived they looked around the island to find anything. then Max and Dany told Michal to stay at shore and guard the boat.

 Max and Dany went inside and found whales in cells they saw dead whales they saw whale guts they saw someone they heard him saying something like “we need to make sure no whale would ever swim in the ocean” Max and Dany got scared they couldn’t think of anything to stop them.

 Meanwhile Michal fell asleep in the boat at the wrong time because the guards found the boat and Michal inside of it they took the boat with Michal inside of it to the lair. When Max and Dany got back Michal and the boat was gone. They searched the island and couldn’t find the boat or Michal they thought Michal was captured but they looked around the island again to make sure. After a while they found a big boat so they thought Michal was inside the boat trying to find some food so they started searching around the boat. They found a note that said where they were going next and right when they wanted to go to find a phone to call someone. When they turned around a guard shouted, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE GAURDS TAKE THEM AWAY”.

 Before they knew it, they were cuffed up and taken away with the guards pulling them away when they got pulled into the mountain they were put right in front of the mastermind and he started asking questions “why did you come here did you come to find out who I am what I’m doing what I’m going to do or just to look around they place”  he wouldn’t stop asking questions but Max or Dany didn’t answer him in till Max asked “where’s our brother” and he showed them Michal all bruised up all bloody like they were punching him whipping him beating him up with a bat and more other stuff he looked scared worried he had tears in his eyes then the mastermind said “my names Jack and why did you come here or else he gets it” they didn’t know what to do “you have 30 seconds” said Jack 10 seconds later Max said “too see what was wrong with the whales” Jack said “ok yep that’s seems right but I’m a villain take Michal away” Michal was screaming yelling kicking but they ignored Michal and took him away.

 Dany started yelling at Jack saying “YOUR A TYRANT A TYRANT DO YOU HEAR ME YOUR EVIL YOU’LL ALWAYS BE EVIL YOU’LL NEVER WILL BE GOOD ““take him away too he’s annoying “said jack. Then after ten minutes there was a BOOM it sounded like a gun shot when Jack looked away Max already uncuffed his hands a started to run when Jack looked back Max was gone. Max tried to find Dany but guards where guarding Dany, Max ran the other direction he ran out of the mountain and on to the boat and pushed it off into the ocean and set sail to his home land to call the ocean life support he called the police he called every emergency station he knew.

By the time they came Max told them everything he knew what happened. when the police and swat got into the island there where helicopters the news FBI swat even the solders from the army came. They arrested Jack and all the guards then Jack said, “I have a reason why I am doing this” so they heard him out loud he said “they killed my family my family was on a bout trying to see a whale but the whale jumped out of the water right under my family and flipped the boat” but the police still took jack and the guards to jail for other reasons and the same reason.

 They found Max’s boat that he was renting they saved Dany they found out that the boat Max stole from Jack was a weapon with three big bombs toxic liquids and they found out the boats name was SS STING. They found Michal and took him to the Hospital.

After that Max and Dany went to the hospital to check on Michal, Michal had surgery to get the bullet out of him so the two waited for the surgery to end after the surgery Michal had to stay in the hospital for a month or so because he was still wounded badly.

 After a month the boys got famous they were on almost every channel they were on magazines they were on posters all three also got a job at ocean life support they got their own boat and the island that they found became there’s. they got to see the beauty of a whale jumping out of the ocean.