By rowan




          In the glowing sunset, a family walked on the beach to a ferry on the edge of the dock. Anna couldn’t wait to get on, so far summer vacation has been a bust, filled with boring speeches at her dad’s conventions and hotels with no swimming pools. I mean no swimming pools is that even a hotel.


                        The Jonson’s grandmother had invited them over to her house on the north end of California as soon as she herd they were in town or state that is. Anna loved her grandmother’s house however Emma did not, which she stated nearly 24-7 and wasn’t afraid to mention one more time. Don’t get me wrong I love grandma but its surrounded by sea and sharks she shuddered and then said   don’t even get me started on the sharks. Please can we not go! Will you give it a rest Emma said mom. Not like that stopped her, she just kept complaining all the way to the ferry and a few minutes after.




What’s that? Anna asked a few minutes after. Is it a shark!? Cried it’s a whale said dad, a blue whale? “I thought that wasn’t possible since blue whales only come to California in the late fall then through winter.” It’s not replied dad. “That’s kind of creepy”. 


The boat went on and by 3:00 {that was only 10 minutes later} they reached their grandmothers doorstep. Emma reluctantly rang the doorbell looking at mom as if to say last chance. a sweet old lady aperid. It was so quick that Anna wondered if she had been waiting for them. So glad to see you guys said grandma. Come sit foods ready.


Anna and her family lived in New York so the last time Anna was here she had been 6. So, it had been 6 years. A boy around her age came running down the steps at the reference to food. Mason? Said mom wow you have grown since the last time I saw you. {which was Christmas last year} her mom had not been wrong he was younger than Anna by 5 months but he is 3 inches taller than Anna and had grown 2 more.




  Luke, Catherine


lunch! Shouted grandma  


Cat had grown a lot too. {even though she was 5 years old}


“How was your trip said grandma lifting the lid on the cookie tray” “mom, don’t give them cookies the second before lunch cried mom.” Grandma shot her a look that said I asked you a question! Fine. mom but seriously don’t. it was beautiful said dad and a little weird, we saw a blue whale. Oh, that’s blue she is a blue whale we rescued, bleeding all over. She looks okay now said Emma. Yes, grandma said we finally nursed her to health but her family will not come until this fall so she will remain here.


I can take you to her said mason. Annas face lit up. Can he can he Anna begged her mom. Mom looked torn but finally said after lunch and if you have unpacked. Now eat. Grandma slipped her a cookie as she walked by her seat.










Hours passed and Anna was on her way to blue with mason. They had asked Emma to go but she had said no or more precisely not ever! Blue was a way out so wearing their swimsuits had been required to swim there. Mason brought a surfboard for when they got tired. “as uncle David returned yet” asked Anna nope replied Mason still deployed. Oh sorry. They continued to catch up on everything since last Christmas till a ginormous blue body aperid. Wow said Anna if she could gape in ah she would.


Mason swam to the surface pressing his wait on the board when he shot up. “here I got to show you something” when they came down again Mason jumped on the whale. Mason could not speak so he made a gesture instead in order to indicate her to come over. Anna swam on top of the whale as well shrugging her shoulders. The whale began to move and Anna had to hold on to Mason so she would not fall off though that would not be all that bad. The whales back surfaced so they were no logger under water, the speed slowed and Anna relaxed. “Where are we going”. “A submerged cave not far from here” you did not tell me that’s where we were going. Auntie would not have agreed if I said so, she barely agreed to go see blue.


This sounded like Mason, always up to tricks.


The trip was soothing, though both Anna and Mason fell off repeatedly. Mason looked around and said were here. “can’t be that’s only 2 minutes away from where we stated” I said it was not far. I did not want everything I told your mom to be a big fat lie. Mason explained. They dived into the water and Anna suddenly understood why Mason wanted her to come so much.


On the cave wall was paintings.


Three pictures.


The first one was a picture of a bleeding whale and some people were trying to heal her.


The second was of some person with a word bubble indicating her call to the whale.


The third was of two people swimming side by side the same whale.


Anna looked harder and noticed the color of the whale was blue, and in the second picture the person was naming the whale. Mason showed her another picture, one so vary bazar, it was the whale again but this time it was granting the people a wish?


 He and Anna went back up to the surface. It’s a legend Anna, anyone who helps the whale in a time of need gives it a name and swims with it will be granted a wish.  That’s bonkers announced Anna. Really said Mason I think it’s real I mean we helped it, he gestured to the first picture of the bleeding whale, we gave it a name and we and we just swam with it. So that’s why we took it here, you tricked me to. Nope I refuse to believe it. Okay then ask it a wish said Mason.


“I dare you” if this is a prank I going to kick you when we get home. Mason shrugged. Anna cleared her throat and looked up at the whale, I wish my sister would go away. “Anna” said Mason in outrage. You said a wish Anna fired back. Now your turn, make a wish. Mason looked at the whale, I wish my father would come home. A silence fell between them now she positively new the entire plan he wanted his dad that’s why he needed it to work.


Let’s go home she said after a while.








The next day, Anna woke to a ring of the doorbell. She ran down the stairs to see grandma in the door way. Annas face went pale when she saw who it was. Mabey that wish upon a whale thing was not that farfetched. It was uncle Sam her cousin Masons dad. Anna ran upstairs to Emma’s room and found that Emma was not there she gulped then ran to Masons room and kicked him. What! Your father down Emma not in bed, she grasped. Mason ran down stairs and froze as his feet touched the floor. I told you so he whispered in her ear.


Anna kicked him again. What about my sister.


After breakfast, we see the whale bring Cat. What began Anna but then caught on and said okay.


Mom came down the steps and said where is Emma.


Went for a walk replied Anna. That does not sound like her. Said mom. Well she did said Mason.  We will get her after breakfast Anna said a little to quickly


Maby now was not the time but she kind of enjoyed the peace and quiet without Emma.




After breakfast, they hurried over to the whale and brought cat with them. Catharine or cat called to the whale. blue, I wish that Emma would come back.                   




A few months later after Emma was free, it was fall and the whole family came to say good-bye to blue whose family was coming. They waited with the whale all day till some blue backs emerged.


Anna watched as the blue whales left and realized the lesson she learned. Never wish to a whale that your sister would go away.    


 The End

















The worst day of my life!!!                                   

by Rowan

{dear diary}              It was almost December fifteenth and I couldn’t believe this was actually happening to me! I know December is supposed to be a happy time of presents, and hot coco, and stuff but this was not happy. In fact, this was indeed the opisant. I want to die I thought, just crawl into a hole and die!


        December 15th is the day one of my best friend Jovie leaves Crestwood {that’s my school by the way} and she’s never coming back. We had been talking about the move for quite some time now but now that it is really happening! Uggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!


 Me and my other best friend Ryanna thought of throwing rocks at her new house or setting it on fire so they couldn’t move in forcing them to stay at their old house! Of corce we didn’t actually throw a rock at the window that would be crazy though it was a possibility. {not!}


               That’s not even all the horrible things that will happen that day! At two o-clock, the death hour I have a ocrastra concert which I know doesn’t sound all that horrifying but believe me it is! Especially when it’s in front of the whole school and you aren’t even that good and the only cello player and I am not over reacting, because then it would sound more like this, uuuuuggggggghhhhhhhhhh my life!  


            I think I have been getting better at playing my instrument but still, at this point I don’t know what’s worse my ocrastra concert or that time I was sick on my birthday.  Okay now that I think of it, it’s a no brainer ocrastra wins since I had a last second visit from my aunt that day. Anyway, back to the horrible day aka December 15th  maybe it is not as bad as I think never mind its totally bad!


         At least I will still get to see Jovie when she invites me over or something. I hope we stay in touch and even if we don’t I still have one best friend, right? I’ll miss Jovie a lot though I hope she loves her new school!              


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