The Whale                




          It was the start of a hot and bright summer. A family consisting 1 boy (Craig) and 1 dad (Phil) and 1 mom (Patricia) wanted to go on a vacay (vacation).  ‘’ Let’s go to Hollywood!’’ Craig shouted. Craig was very crazy. ‘’No. Too much tourists.’’ Mom said. ‘’Let’s go on a cruise.” Dad said. Craig and his mom looked at each other. “Sure.’’ They both said. Dad quickly got onto his computer and booked a cruise on the Pacific Ocean.


                               *Two Weeks later*




          “Alright everyone. Do we have everything ready for the cruise.”  Dad asked. “Yep.’’ Craig said. They all got in the car and drove to the dock. They got there just in time. “The boat should be here right now.” Dad said. They found a staff member at the dock. “The boat is 1 minute late.’’ Said the staff member. The boat finally showed up and the family walked on board.




       While they were in the middle of the Pacific Ocean they noticed something moving in the water. “What is it?” Mom asked. “Is it a shark?” Craig asked. Just then the creature jumped out of the water. It was a whale! “Quick take a photo!” Mom screamed. Dad got out his camera and took a photo. “Let’s see the picture.” Dad said. As soon as they looked at the photo they realized Craig had photobombed the picture. “Why did you do that, Craig?!” Dad asked angrily. “I didn’t see the whale and I thought we were taking a picture of me in front of the ocean.’’ Craig said. “What are we going to do?” Mom asked. Just then a member of the crew walks up to them. “What seems to be the problem?’’ The member asked. “We saw a whale but we couldn’t get a picture of it.” Mom said with a frown on her face. “Look over there.” The member said while pointing at a pod of orcas. The pod of orcas jumped out of the water. “Dad take a picture!’’ Craig screamed. Dad took a photo. They all looked at the photo and it was perfect.




       They all turned around to thank the member but he was gone. The boat turned around like it was supposed to. They made it back home after the grandparents picked them up. “What an adventure we had today.” Mom said with a smile on her face. “Yeah it was.” Craig said






The End


                                                                                The five mice

                                                                                     By Ryan


                        There were five mice who lived in a mouse hole on a barn named Billy, Timmy, Anthony, Steve and Willy. They lost their mother during the exterminators visit. Their dad left them when they were only one.  Willy was the crazy one, Anthony was the lazy one, Billy was the handsome one, Timmy was the tough one and Steve was the mysterious one. One-day Timmy came home with a note. ‘’Who is it from?’’ Anthony asked. ‘’Can we eat it?’’ Willy said with a creepy grin. Anthony grabbed it out of Timmy’s hand. ‘’ It says that if we don’t leave then we will die!’’ Anthony said in a panicky voice. ‘’Sounds like the exterminator.’’ Billy said. ‘’What will we do?’’ willy screamed. The five mice talked about how they would escape the exterminator.

                ‘’I say we run away’’ Willy said. ‘’I say we lure him away.’’ Timmy said. ‘’I agree with Timmy.’’ Billy and Anthony said. ‘’What about you Steve?’’ Anthony asked. ‘’I say we lay traps and when he is weak we attack.’’ Steve said in a deep voice. ‘’Let’s do that’’ Everyone said. Steve doesn’t talk much but when he does everyone agrees with him. The five mice except for Anthony laid out five traps. Anthony only laid out three traps. The traps were made from rock, metal, steel and baking soda. They were put in the driveway, the door and the mouse hole.

                ‘’In five days, the exterminator comes.’’ Billy said. They continued to make traps but with wood, salt and acid. They placed them around the house, vents, in the attic and in the basement. ‘’ What should we do with all these jumping spiders I found?’’ Willy asked. ‘’We put them in a box with breathing holes and when the exterminator goes to open the box they will attack.’’ Steve said with a grin on his face. Everyone went to find a box but willy kept an eye on the spiders and tried to feed them honey he found in a crowded bees nest. They all came back with a box that could fit them all. ‘’This should be good.’’ Timmy said. ‘’How are we going to feed them?’’ Willy asked. ‘’There is food for them in the box’’ Anthony said.  All the spiders leaped into the box. They then cut out breathing holes so the spiders could breath. ‘’How about we put down tripwires so he would trip?’’ Willy asked with a grin on his face. ‘’That will be our finishing move’’ Anthony said. They searched for rope and wood which wouldn’t be hard since they lived on a farm with plenty of wood and rope.

                Timmy found some bear traps in a closet. He then went outside to tell everyone. ‘’I found bear traps!’’ Timmy screamed. Everyone ran back inside with wood and rope. Timmy grabbed all the bear traps since he was the only one who could lift them. ‘’Where did you find them?’’ Billy asked. ‘’In a closet.’’ Timmy answered.

                The bear traps were put in front of every door. ‘’Wouldn’t this kill him?’’ Anthony asked. ‘’Why should we spare him? He’s killed our mother and probably our father. When we attack we will go as hard as you can. Then maybe everyone else will take a hint that this farm is ours!’’ Steve said in a furious voice. ‘’Steve, what happened to you? You used to be calm and silent. Now you want to kill everyone.’’ Billy said with a confused look on his face. Steve didn’t answer but instead he just gave a little nod. At night before everyone went to bed Willy started nibbling on expired meat like always. Steve stood in a dark corner as always. Anthony was lying in bed eating a potato chip. The only thing that was different was that Billy and Timmy were standing outside talking about how Steve has changed. ‘’He used to be calm and mysterious.’’ Timmy said. ‘’I guess he’s now the angry one.’’ Billy said. The next morning the smell of cheese invaded the room. ‘’What is that smell?’’ Anthony asked. Everyone got up and followed the smell. It turned out to be a mouse trap. ‘’Everyone be calm! It’s just the farmer trying to kill us.’’ Timmy said. They all walked around the trap. Willy tried to grab the piece of cheese that was sitting on the trap. ‘’Willy, don’t!’’ Billy said. Anthony quickly pulled Willy away. ‘’it is fake cheese.’’ Timmy said. ‘’It’s also what killed our mother.’’ Anthony pointed out. ‘’Four more days until the exterminator. Do you think we have enough traps?’’ Willy asked. ‘’There’s never enough.’’ Steve said in a very deep voice. ‘’We need to get our revenge.’’ Steve said in a regular voice. ‘’You need to stop this attitude!’’ Timmy said angrily. ‘’I’m just trying to give us what we deserve.’’ Steve said in a confident voice. The rest of the day Steve was silent. Everyone scattered to the places with traps so they could be sure they had enough traps. ‘’I think we have enough traps to weaken the exterminator.’’ Anthony said looking tired from all the running.

                They quickly hurried back to the barn with Anthony trailing behind. Suddenly the door to the house opened. The farmer walked out of the house heading towards the barn. ‘’Anthony get over here!’’ everyone said. Anthony tried to go faster but he was too tired. The farmer got closer and closer. Everyone realized the farmer had seen all of them and started to go after them. ‘’Almost there.’’ Anthony said while breathing very hard. Anthony finally got in the barn and then they hurried into the mouse hole. After they got into the mouse hole they all hid. Suddenly the barn door opened. ‘’Where are you ugly little rats?’’ The farmer shouted. The farmer was very angry because he hates mice. Steve got up from his hiding place and walked out of the mouse hole. ‘’Steve, get back here!’’ Timmy quietly screamed. Steve ran from the farmer. ‘’If I can tire him out then maybe he will never come back knowing that we are fast.’’ Steve thought to himself. The farmer reached for Steve with a rake. Steve ran as fast as he could not caring if he got tired or not. ‘’What is he doing?’’ Billy asked. ‘’I thought I was the crazy one.’’ Willy asked.

                The farmer kept reaching and missing. ‘’I’m getting tired but I can’t give up!’’ Steve thought to himself. The farmer then ran out of the barn and back into the house. ‘’I think he is gone.’’ Billy said. Suddenly the farmer came back out with a shotgun. ‘’Oh no!’’ Everyone said. ‘’I wasn’t expecting that!’’ Steve thought. ‘’Honey, I might be out for a while.’’ The farmer said with a furious expression. ‘’Don’t kill the mice. The exterminator will get rid of them.’’ The farmer’s wife said. ‘’Okay.’’ The farmer said still looking angry. ‘’What were you thinking Steve?!’’ Billy asked Steve. Steve didn’t answer but instead he just looked away. They all went outside to make sure that the farmer didn’t burst through the door again. ‘’I think he is gone.’’ Anthony said. ‘’I thought the farmer didn’t have any weapons.’’ Timmy said

                At night things were normal. Timmy was punching a punching bag and Billy was looking in a mirror. No one could relax because they all knew the farmer was going to set more traps. The next morning Anthony was gone! ‘’Anthony, where are you?!’ Billy screamed. ‘’It couldn’t be the exterminator. We still have three days.’’ Willy said. Timmy looked at the ground and saw a note. ‘’This note says Anthony went to the house. ‘’He will die!’’  Billy said looking frightened. Everyone except Steve ran out of the barn. ‘’Come on Steve.’’ Timmy said. ‘’Why should I, I’m just going to try my own thing and you are going to yell at me.’’ Steve said looking sad. ‘’This time I will let you be the leader.’’ Timmy said. Steve just crawled back over to the mouse hole. ‘’I guess we will just go on ahead without you.’’ Willy said trying to convince Steve. ‘’GO AHEAD!’’ Steve yelled. After that everyone ran to the house looking for Anthony. ‘’Why would he come here?’’ Billy quietly asked. ‘’Probably for food.’’ Timmy replied. ‘’I know you’re here.’’ The farmer said. He must have heard them squeak. They all ran out of their hiding spot. ‘’We are just looking for our brother.’’ Billy said but the only thing the farmer could hear was Billy squeaking. The farmer grabbed a box and quickly reached for them. ‘’RUN!’’ Timmy screamed.  ‘’I’m not going to hurt you.’’ The farmer said but everyone knew he was lying. ‘’Guy’s, over hear.’’ Anthony screamed while sticking his head out of a vent. Everyone jumped into the vent. ‘’Why are you here?’’ Billy asked angrily. ‘’I found this little tunnel in the barn and I found how to open it and it apparently lead to the house.’’ Anthony said. ‘’I also figured out how to climb walls.’’ Anthony added. ‘’This isn’t a tunnel this is a vent.’’ Timmy said. ‘’What’s a vent?’’ Anthony asked. ‘’It’s something that let’s air flow through the house.’’ Willy answered. ‘’Speaking of air, I think we’re going to get blown away.’’ Willy said panicking. Suddenly a load of wind hit everyone. ‘’FIGHT IT!’’ Timmy yelled trying run but the wind kept pushing him back. ‘’I don’t think I can.’’ Willy said while the wind made it sound like ‘’IIIIII DDOOOOON’TT THINK IIIIII CAN’’.  The wind eventually stopped and they ran all the way to the end of the vent. As soon as they got back to the barn’s vent the wind immediately hit them again and since there was no wall to stop them from flying away they suddenly got sent back to the house.

‘’I don’t think this vent was the best idea.’’ Timmy said panting. ‘’How do you climb walls?’’ Willy asked Anthony. ‘’You must stick your claws into the wall and pull yourself up.’’ Timmy, Billy and Willy learned quickly. They got out of the vent in five minutes. They were happy to get out of the dirty vent but the farmer was ready. The farmer quickly snatched them up in an airless container. The farmer put them outside where they could die of lack of oxygen and not have the house reek of dead mouse.  ‘’HELP!’’ Everyone screamed but it was hopeless because no one could hear them. ‘’I guess we’re just going to die here.’’ Willy said. ‘’I wonder when they will be back.’’ Steve thought to himself while looking at the house.  While looking at the house he saw the airless box in the backyard. ‘’Wait a minute is that my brothers?’’ Steve whispered. He dashed toward the box hoping to be able to rescue his siblings. ‘’Steve!’’ Billy said happily. Steve pushed the box over so everyone could kick the lid off. ‘’Thank you!’’ Timmy said hugging Steve. Everyone ran back to the barn happy that they are alive. As the sun fell everything changed. All the traps were gone. ‘’Who took the traps?’’ Willy asked nervously. ‘’I believe it was the farmer.’’ Timmy replied. Everyone knew there wasn’t enough time to set the traps and that the exterminator was going to kill them. ‘’Our best choice is to run away.’’ Billy said. ‘’To where? Everywhere else we are just going get eaten by a bird. This is the one place where we have shelter and warmth.’’ Anthony said before bursting into tears. ‘’Any suggestions Steve?’’ Billy asked. Steve didn’t answer. ‘’I know we have had some struggles with each other but that’s in the past.’’ Billy said.

Steve pushed Billy to the side and walked onto the table. ‘’Just because we do not have traps does mean we are weak! We have been abused by humanity forever! Now is the time we fight back!’’ Steve triumphantly yelled.


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