They say hey there is a whale move those motors faster said Toews I will try to said Keith. He is on us go faster that is full speed what should we do cut right ok said Keith cut left said Toews I can’t the whale is on my left then go straight ok.


We have lost the whale I think keep a I out ok I will said Toews. I see the whale go go I said go left now go right keep doing that ok said Keith he is getting closer turn around I can’t yes you can ok I will do it. He is going the other way ok thank no problem.


Now we can go to are island and go crabbing that was a close one that that was a close one. What is that a whale let me get a closer look no it is not a whale Toews shouted ok thank said Keith.

The End



My friend tiller me and him play football together and have a lot of fun we go inside each other house to. We play Xbox and play station.  On the play station, we play call duty black hocks. We ride bikes and scoters. We do pranks and play cops and robbers and Jell brake. We have a you tub channel to.

We have a lot of fun. And we play together a lot. mostly we play football. Or we play flag football. Or we do drills. We also play soccer.  But most of the time we play football it is fun we do kicking and throwing to. It is a lot of fun. As you can see me and tiller would be good brother. And we play outside a lot.  


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