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* Science/ELA Crestwood grounds "specimens" 

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Dear Parents and Guardians,                                                                                             5/4/18


Your child has worked extremely hard this week on state tests! I am very proud of each one! Next week we are testing Math on Tuesday and Friday, so their homework is still a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast. They may bring extra snack too!


Next week we will explore the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge https://www.fws.gov/refuge/Billy_Frank_Jr_Nisqually/  Most students have turned in their $7 and permission slips, but a few have not been returned.


Good news! We have the number of chaperones needed for the field trip. Kids and chaperones arrive at 8:45am on Thursday. Busses leave Crestwood at 9am and return at 2pm.






Jon Jancola   253-373-2218        jon.jancola@kent.k12.wa.us      






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Science/ELA specimens

We are learning about the rainforest and how scientists study. We decided to select some samples from our school property.


100_8193.JPGDevyn!100_8191.JPGC.J.!100_8188.JPGNik!100_8196.JPGAidan!100_8197.JPGChris and Tristen!100_8199.JPGK.J.!100_8200.JPGJ.T.!100_8201.JPGJustin!100_8202.JPGBella!100_8203.JPGAndre!100_8204.JPGNik!


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