The crazy whale




It was one nice day at the san ammoniac pier it was 2025 and it was winter my family and I were at the beach. We were on a boat that we rented for a day. Mom and my brother Mateo were in the water and they saw a whale they were scared they were trying to get out of the water and but it was to late the whale ate them.


It has been like 10 min and we still can’t find the whale but wait we hear noises we hear the whale the whale is about to blow mom and Mateo came out of the whole and they landed on the boat. After they landed on the boat Alec and my dad said how was the trip mom and Mateo said don’t talk about it we all laughed.


 When they got in the boat we left immediately when we got on land we were walking to our car when we got to the car we brushed our self’s off because there was sand all over us and then we hit the road. So that was my story how the crazy whale ate mom and Mateo.

The End


NBA goal

          One day It was August 21st, 2006. I was just born. We were in the hospital for one or 2 days. I was crying a lot when I was at home. At three days old and I saw my 6-year-old brother for the first time and my 1-year old brother.

In 2007 I was just learning how to walk and learning how to shoot a basketball on a 2’ hoop. Learning how to run and talk seemed easy until I fell. I was shooting on a three-foot basketball hoop. I shot and I dunked every day on that small hoop.

In 2008, I just figured out how to dribble a tiny basketball. I was shooting on a basketball hoop inside that is still 3’. Also, I was playing baby basketball with my one year old brother. Every time I would shoot a ball my six year old brother would always get swatted.

 It’s now 2009, wow years are going fast my mom and dad said. I just got my first regular size basketball I shot the ball on my little hoop I was pretty good my mom and dad were amazed how good I was.

          It is officially August 21, 2010 I was turning 4. I asked my mom and dad for a big hoop for outside. I was shooting on a 4’ hoop that’s the lowest the hoop goes and the highest is 10’ soon I will be shooting as high as that I said to myself. My mom and dad were watching me shoot they said he is good they said he needs to play on a basketball team.

They got me on a basketball team and they said I was on Aidan’s team I was extremely excited. My team name was the Oklahoma City thunder that’s my favorite team. I’m writing to 2011 2015. It was my first basketball game my position is point guard a point guard is a person who dribbles the ball down the court and calls out plays. Anyway, it was game time Aidan was tipping off the ball to see who gets the ball first. we got the ball I was dribbling the ball and past it to a teammate the person that was guarding me left my side and was not guarding me any more my teammate past the ball to me and I shot a three pointer I drained it.

The game is down to three seconds now the clock buzzed my team one. It has been a month of basketball and we are going to the champion ship. The game starts in 30 min after a while we got on the court and started playing I’m dribbling down the court I passed the ball to Aidan and he made it. The game is going by fast it is now 4th courter we have the ball I’m dribbling it down court I had an open shot I hot and made it. There is now 15 seconds in the game the score is 67 to 69 the other team is winning we have the ball there is now 2 seconds I shot a three pointer and I made it we won the champion ship.

I am now seven my mom and dad wanted me to play AAU basketball my mom and dad got me on a team their name was Kent elite Aidan was playing AAU too he was on my team there is only a couple months of Kent elite for me because I don’t play summer basketball.  That season past and it is now my birthday I invited everyone on my basketball team including Aidan. I am now 8 we were having a swim party. We are now in our next season of basketball.   

          Finally, I am shooting on 10’ and dribbling through my legs and behind my back. Every 5 days of the week I go outside and shoot. I am good at shooting now. The season right now is going good we win a lot of games. The season is now over my team went to the state championship and won it was fun. we are having a pizza party everyone is having pepperoni pizza. It was also a laser tag party.

          All right now I’m 11 and the next season is starting we are starting to lift weights we all must lift at least 50 pounds. That’s too easy for me so I lift 120. That’s just right for me. Now it is midseason and we are whining a lot still but there is this team called Seattle rotary and we lose to them sometimes we are still good though.

The season is now over the seasons go by fast we are state champs again. Now this is the time it starts getting competitive cause we get older. the season is now over the seasons go by fast you don’t even know it we are state champs again. Now this is the time it starts getting competitive cause we get older. I’m now 12 finally and another season of basketball is getting under way

 The first game of the season we must play Seattle rotary. They still good. I will tell u after the game who won after a while of playing basketball it was the 4th quarter we are losing by 2 there is 5 seconds I shot at two seconds it was a three to win the game I shot it and it was wet like water. We won the game everyone went wild.

After 10 months, the season is over again and today I’m turning 13 I am finally a teen it feels pretty good I said to myself. Now I am in middle school and I’m going to try out for the 7th grade team. After 5 months, it is now time to try out. After my tryouts, I went home and told my parents I will know if I make the team in two days. After two days, I got a phone call it was my middle school and they said welcome to the team I was so happy.

I still play for Kent elite but it may be hard what days the practice is and what time. When my mom got home from work I asked her when do I have practice on the same day as Kent elite she said no I was so happy my games are not on weekends for middle school they are after school.

I’m going to play my first game of middle school Aidan is on my team too. I am excited for my first game I am the starting point guard I will tell at the end of my game if we one because I can’t play and right at the same time. after a while the game is now over we won 84-69 it was kind of a blowout. For practice, sometimes we must lift weights I am now able to lift at least 180 pounds that’s pretty good for my age.      

Anyway all of my basketball teams are now down with the season. It’s now 2020 and I’m now 14 I’m getting your getting so big my mom and dad said. I asked them for a shooting machine and they said sure it is when u shoot a basketball into the hoop and it goes down to the machine and comes back to me it’s cool.    

I am now playing on the 8th grade team the returning players are on the team this year we are going to try to go to state. I still play for Kent elite but I’m only going to play 2 more seasons because I want a little break. It has been now 5 months of playing middle school basketball we are in the state championship the championship it at the Tacoma dome were most teams play state championship. The game is now starting and I am worming up I will tell at the 4th quarter with 5 seconds left what the score is.

After a while the score is 94-91 we have the ball I need to score the ball to tie the game up there is 2 seconds left I shoot a three and it bounced on the rim and went in the crowed was loud we must go into overtime because the game is all tied up it is about to start so I’ll tell you at the end of the game who won the quarters are only 2 minutes because other teams must play. So, after 2 minutes we won 103-100 it was so fun I’m now going into high school.

I am now 15 and I’m starting high school. I’m going to try out for the varsity basketball team when I’m only 15. I’ll tell you if I make the team or not in a couple of days and if you were wondering the high school I got to be Kentwood high school (KHWS). After a couple of days, I got a phone call it was the varsity coach and he said you are now part of our varsity roster I was so excited my mom and dad were so happy.

My team was having practice I was lifting weights I am now able to bench 200 pounds I was proud of myself. A few days after practice we had our first game I was still the starting point guard the game is starting right now when Aidan jumped for the ball we got it there was a open lane for me to get a layup when I went up I made it but when I came down and hurt my ankle it could have been worse good thing I only sprained it.


I’ll be able to play in the next game. It has now been a week and I am playing in today’s game I’ll tell you if we win or not. the game is now over and we won. It has been six months and we are in the state champion ship against Kentlake falcons I will tell u at half time what the score is. Now it is half time and the score is all tied up it is 66-66 I love games that are close like this I said to myself. After the a while the game is all tied up sill and there is three seconds the score is 102-102 there was three seconds left and I shot a three and missed that was okay because there is over time. I will tell you after the game who won. The game is now over and we won 109-108 it was a good game but now I am going into 10th grade I’m so excited.

And if you were wondering that was my last year playing for Kent elite. Today is my birthday and I am getting my driver’s license I’m so happy. It has been a couple of days and I have been driving by myself it is so fun. I am now able to drive myself to school and drive myself to my basketball games sometimes I give people on my basketball team a ride if they need one like Aidan. the returning players that come back are on the team. It has been 8 months and we did not make the state championship this year but I have gone to so many.

It’s been two months and I am in 11th grade I’m so excited. (If you were wondering I can lift 245 pounds now that’s so heavy) I have no got any scholar ships to play basketball but I should get some to big collages like UCLA, Notre dame, or North Carolina or maybe others. It has been six months and my first scholar ship came it was a community college I was not hopping for that but I might get more. Today is a big day because there is a collage scout coming to watch me play the collage is Notre dame I’m so excited and nervous I’ll tell you at the end of the game if I get to play for them or not. The game if over and the scout came over to me and said you made but its’s your choice if you want to play for us or not.

I still have one more year of high school though but I said yes, I’ll play for Notre Dame. It has been a couple months and its summer brake I am working out a lot and going swimming and getting ready to be a senior. It’s been two months and I am in 12th grade my goal this year is to make it to the state championship and win. The returning players are on the team again me and Aidan are still on the same team. And his year I’m able to lift 250 pounds it’s hard.

It has now been a couple months and I am now about to play in the state championship I am so excited I will tell you at their end of the game if we won or not. Okay it is now the 4th quarter and we are winning 102-89 I think we might win I will tell you at the end if we win. The game is now over and we won we must get on the bus and go to the high school and we are going to celebrate. I’m am on the bus right now and I am on my way we are going to have are cars blasting music a celebrate it sounds fun to me. We are now at the high school and we are partying it is out of control but it’s fun.

It has been five months and today is the day I graduate I must go somewhere to graduate I think it’s at the Tacoma dome but it doesn’t matter I am now going to be in collage and I’m so happy. Okay it has been 2 months and summer brake is over and I am at collage in a door room with Aidan and Aidan plays for Notre Dame too. I am starting point guard I was so surprised because it was my first year in collage Aidan is starting small fored. I hope I do so good this year I will get drafted Aidan was hoping that too.

It has been a couple days and it is our first game to play with Notre Dame. It is now game time and the center is tipping off for the ball when he went up we got the ball I am dribbling down the court and Aidan was open I passed to him and he shot the ball and made it.


I said this is going to be a good game I said to myself. I will tell you at the end of the game if we win or not. The game is now over and we won I was so happy because I won my first basketball game. It has been a couple months and its march madness if you are wondering what is I will tell you. (march madness is like the playoffs and there is a bracket if you lose you are out of the playoffs I you win you move on until there is down to 2 teams and you play In the national championship) the first team we play is duke they are really good it would be amazing if we beat them.

It is now time to play duke I will tell the score at the end of the game. It has been an hour in a half and the game is officially over and we won 78-77 it was such a close game. We are moving on to the next game. It has been two days and we are playing Gonzaga they are a good team too I can’t wait to play them wait the game starts now I will tell again if we win bye. The game is not over and the final score was 84-81 we won another game I can’t wait because we are going to the national championship.

It has been two weeks and we are about to play the team we are playing is North Carolina we are worming up and getting ready for the game okay it is now time to play I will tell you if we are bringing a trophy to our collage or not and there is a NBA scout coming to watch my game the team the scout works for is Oklahoma City Thunder. It is the moment you have been waiting for we are bringing a trophy home I was so happy and excited also, after the game the scout came to me and said I want you to watch the NBA draft in 2 days I said okay. If you were wondering I am now done with my college year I was proud of myself because I did good for my first year of college.

It is now 2027 June 31st the NBA draft is on tv and players are invited to come to the draft the guy is going to say right now who got drafted the first pick of the NBA draft is Lonzo ball he was drafted to the Lakers the next team that is about to pick is Oklahoma city Thunder they picked Aidan  that’s my best friend my mom and dad said good job Aidan Oklahoma city Thunder have another pick because they traded a player so Oklahoma has another pick they said we draft Zachary. I was crying because I am in the NBA. When I got drafted I said hard work pays off to be a professional player that’s my story and how I got drafted. 


By Zach


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