Grade Five, Grass Lake Elementary, Mr. Lawrence                     


                   Be Nice, Work Hard, Create Yourself

            Parents, we are a team. I will work as hard as I am able to provide quality instruction and care for your children. I will strive to meet your children's needs and to guide each one to success. Just as importantly, I will communicate with you regularly so that you can be fully engaged in your children's education. I hope that you will invite me into your homes during this first month of school so that we can begin the process of truly working as a team. In addition, you can expect 2-3 emails from me each week informing you about what we are doing in class and what we are attempting to learn. I sincerely hope that you will, in turn, put the information to good use. Fully engaged parents have children who are also fully engaged. Those are the ones who will be most successful. 

                                                                                                                                      Steve Lawrence