Ms. Debora L. Gianola



Developing the skills to be the shakers and movers of America!

    This first semester we will be providing our 9th grade classes with opportunities to develop their voice and to wrap their heads around the creative and artistic voices of others. We will be working on their literacy skills while trying to emphasize how important these skills will be for their future success as students and as citizens. We will choose dynamic literature to work with, as well as provide multiple opportunities for them to express themselves, not only in the written word, but also in presentations and group work. We strive to emphasize the need for them to develop their ability to be powerful people in the community and that means developing both their skills of expression and their ability to focus and comprehend challenging ideas and concepts.

     On a personal note, I hope to make their learning fun, varied, and relevant to them personally. I love to read and write and I hope that my enthusiasm about a subject I love will be contagious. :*) 




University of Washington's 
Comparative Literature 240:
"Centers and Margins"

     Who is in power... who manipulates... who exploits... who deceives? Are the centers of power inherently manipulative and are the victims of exploitation inherently innocent? We will explore the issues and social dynamics of the centers of power in society and those who are marginalized due to gender; race; age; religion; regional cultural ideologies; and the ever present socioeconomic realities of poverty.

     As we explore song lyrics, novels, current events, and powerful non-fiction assertions through the myriad critical lenses that would be considered traditional, we will endeavor to become aware of the lenses we see our world through and consider the lenses of others in a more profound manner.