I hope you are doing well. This site is to provide information and communication with families whose student is in AVID Elective 10th gr  or Integrated Science 3-4. The Tutoring Hours page list my upcoming office hours. The class websites are an event calendar that provides a daily agenda of what was done in class (and if the student needs to attend tutoring or not as it will be highlighted in yellow)), important due dates and upcoming quizzes and labs. The document pages have the work needed to complete some of the daily agenda items.

Just as a reminder, majority of assignments (grades) entered on Skyward has a comment attached that tells the student how to improve their work. For some Integrated Science 3-4, assignments, the comments will be in canvas.

Here is a link to the Class Newsletters. The newsletter will explore what your student is learning in class.

If you should have any questions, feel free to email me. Go Royals!


Ms. Poitras