Next AB Calculus Assignment(s) (for those working ahead)

Friday 4/26/2019

Classwork: Final Exam FRQ AB Share and Q&A

OptionalAfter School Review – Rate and Application FRQ Problems / Solutions

Additional Optional FRQ Practice:

2014AB FRQ (distributed in class Friday and in documents)

Score and perform detailed test corrections using the scoring rubrics and sample responses on the AB FRQ Website and 2014 AB FRQ - Minimum Work Kid (MWK) Solution as normal.  

Supplement with video solutions as needed: 2014 AB FRQ #1 / 2014 AB FRQ #2 / 2014 AB FRQ #3 / 2014 AB FRQ #4 / 2014 AB FRQ #5 / 2014 AB FRQ #6


Saturday 4/27/2019 

Mock AP Exam #2 - 8AM-Noon - script starts at 8AM in room 168, so I suggest arriving by 7:45AM to get settled in.

Mock AP Exam #2 will also count as a Final Exam Retake!

You could also use this Saturday morning time to retake as many tests as you would like.


Monday 4/29/2019 – Wednesday 5/1/2019 

Optional: After School Tutorial – FRQ Graph Problems / Solutions 

This Week's Main Assignments:


Mock Exam #2 MCQs Score Detailed Corrections (secure exams & secure solutions cannot leave the classroom; this is a REQUIRED assignment for students taking the AP Exam).  


1) Mock Exam #2 FRQs (distributed during class; this is a REQUIRED assignment for students taking the AP Exam). Aim to finish this by Friday so we can have our AB Share and Test Review.

2) 2018AB FRQ Score Detailed Corrections (distributed in class and in documents; this is a REQUIRED assignment for students taking the AP Exam).  Aim to finish this by next Monday so we can have our AB Share and Test Review.

2018AB FRQ RWK Solution / Scoring Rubric / Tutorial Videos: 2018AB FRQ#1 / 2018AB FRQ#2 / 2018AB FRQ#3 / 2018AB FRQ#4 / 2018AB FRQ#5 / 2018AB FRQ#6 

I know some students will not be able to get all three of these assignments done this week.  Do your best.


Thursday 5/2/2019 - Friday 5/3/2019

OptionalAfter School Tutorial - FRQ Topic #7 – Piecewise Functions

OptionalAfter School Review – Rate and Application FRQ Problems / Solutions

Homework031AB - AB Practice Problems from the Revised Course Description (distributed in class and in documents) / Score & Perform Detailed Corrections with: 031AB - Answer Key & Detailed Solutions (in documents).

Suggested Extra MCQ Practice: 

2014AB MCQs + Score + Detailed Corrections (exams available before or after school to use in the classroom or print pages 18-66) / 2014AB MCQ Solutions


2015AB MCQs + Score + Detailed Corrections (exams available before or after school to use in the classroom) /  2015AB MCQ Solutions


Monday 5/6/2019 - Good luck on your AP Exams!


Classwork2017 AB FRQ AB Share and Q&A

Homework: 028AB - New FRQs 2016 (distributed in class and in documents; FRQ#1-FRQ#3 are REQUIRED) / 028AB – Scoring Rubrics (in documents)

Want a 5?  FRQs until your eyes bleed time.  Working through every MCQ you can get your hands on helps as well (AB Practice Test Depot; if a link is down, I have secure copies to use in the classroom)!


Tuesday 5/7/2019

Optional After School MaterialsAfter School Tutorial – Implicit Differentiation FRQs / Solutions / FRQ Topic: Implicit Differentiation

Classwork031AB... / Solutions AB Share and Q&A

Homework024AB – Extra Tough Mock FRQ (distributed in class and in documents; WARNING - this was made intentionally harder than the actual FRQ you will take on May 14th to prepare you for more obscure topics; you NEED to do this assignment if you want to be prepared for anything College Board could throw at you May 14th.)  #1-#4 are REQUIRED#5-#6 are RECOMMENDED.

Correct with: 024AB – Extra Tough Mock FRQ - Solutions and Scoring Rubric (in documents)

My Big Review Packet #1 (distributed in class and in documents; ask me if you want a copy; this is what a school that averaged 4.6 on the AP exam one year did RIGHT before the test; GREAT PREP assignment)

Correct with: My Big Review Packet #1 - Complete Solutions (in documents)


Wednesday 5/8/2019 - Thursday 5/9/2019

Classwork2016AB - Exam 2 MCQs (secure copies and answer keys distributed to all students taking the AP Exam for use in the classroom) + Score Detailed Corrections / 026AB - MCQ - Detailed Solutions REQUIRED Assignment


026AB - Salty FRQs - Part 1 - Calculator Allowed (distributed in class and in documents)

026AB – Salty FRQs - Part 2 - No Calculator (distributed in class and in documents)

Score and correct using: 026AB - FRQ - Scoring Rubrics & Detailed Solutions (in documents)


OptionalThursday's After School Tutorial Materials: 

Related Rates FRQs (Video Solutions: 2008AB FRQ #3 / 2003AB FRQ #5 / 2002 Form B FRQ #6 / 2002 FRQ #5)

AP Exam Review - The Big Theorems / Expanded SolutionsAP Exam Review - The Big Theorems - Expanded Multiple Choice Solutions

AP Exam Review - Just Mean Value Theorem 


Friday 5/10/2019

Classwork026AB - MCQ / 026AB - FRQ Q&A

Various Options for Homework:

1) Area and Volume – Hard Mode (distributed in class and in documents)

Correct with: Area and Volume - Hard Mode - Solutions (in documents)

2) 020AB – 2nd to Last Day, Targeted Review (distributed in class and in documents)

Correct with: 020AB - Complete Solutions (in documents)

3) Work through: AP - Day Before Exam (in documents) 

4) Read through: AP Final Day (in documents; includes the directions you get on the real test)

5) Work through: AP AB Obscure Test Knowledge - Bellwork (in documents) / Correct with: AP AB Obscure Test Knowledge (in documents; some kid demanded I include a shadow problem; blame them!)

6) Watch and Chill Out20 Minute AB Calculus Summary VideoPart 1 / Part 2  (If you actually did 1)-5), you totally deserve a break.  Look at that guy go.  I know a few students who just chilled out and watched those two videos 3+ times each the day before the exam.)

7) 025AB - The Weird Stuff (in documents) / Correct with: 025AB - The Weird Stuff - Scoring Rubrics (in documents) or the AB FRQ Website

8) 2nd to Last day - Bellwork (in documents; walks you through some of 025AB - The Weird Stuff)

The best preparation you can do at this point is probably FRQ and Multiple Choice Practice: AB FRQ Problem Index / AB FRQ Website / AB Practice Test Depot 

Optional Review Materials from Mrs. McCleary's now defunct website (let me know if you want a printed copy of one of the documents):

BIG VOLUME REVIEW (in documents) / BIG VOLUME REVIEW - Solutions (in documents)

Skills Review #2 (in documents) / Skills Review #2 - Complete Solutions (in documents)

Skills Review #3 (in documents) / Skills Review #3 - Complete Solutions (in documents)


Saturday 5/11/2019 – Sunday 5/12/2019

Want even MORE MCQ practice?  

Access: AB Practice Test Depot.  Even older exams are great for conceptual review (and confidence building).

Want even MORE MCQ practice???  (Warning: many challenging problems, including lots of Related Rates!)

Access: 030AB - Other MCQs (in documents).

Want MORE FRQ practice?

Access: 022AB - Mock FRQ (distributed in class to interested students and in documents)

Correct with: 022AB - Mock FRQ - Complete Solutions


Access: 2014AB FRQ (distributed in class and in documents)

Correct with: 2014 AB FRQ - Minimum Work Kid (MWK) Solution

Videos: 2014 AB FRQ #1 / 2014 AB FRQ #2 / 2014 AB FRQ #3 / 2014 AB FRQ #4 / 2014 AB FRQ #5 / 2014 AB FRQ #6


Monday 5/13/2019 - Good luck on your last week of AP Exams!

Confidence Builder MCQs2003AB Exam (2003AB MCQ Solutions Links: Link 1  / Link 2)

More Confidence Builder MCQs2012AB Exam (2012AB MCQ Solutions Link)

Suggested Classwork

029AB - NEW MCQs (secure copies available to use in classroom)

Correct with: 029AB - Detailed Solutions (in documents)

027AB - Secure FRQs from the 2016AB Exam #2 (secure copies available to use in classroom)

Correct with: 027AB – Solutions & Scoring Rubrics (in documents)

Suggested Homework:

Suggestions for today/tonight: 2-3 hours of light review.

Work through (if you didn't earlier): AP - Day Before Exam (in documents)

Read through (if you didn't earlier): AP Final Day (in documents; includes the directions you get on the real test)

Work through (if you didn't earlier): After School Review - Rate and Application FRQ Problems (in documents; let me know if you want a paper copy and I will get you a copy printed after school) / Application FRQs on the AP Exam - Part 1 FRQ Topic: Applications

Read: AB Cheat Sheet #1 - Condensed (in documents and distributed in class earlier this year; do you have the guaranteed formulas memorized?)
Mentally walk yourself through a AB Multiple Choice Exam (or two).
Mentally walk yourself through the last few FRQ’s (2018AB2017AB, 2016AB, …).
Take a look at the AB FRQ Problem Index Tab.  Be ready to CRUSH any and all of those FRQ topics!

#1 AP Exam Tip: Sleep at least 6.5 hours. Preferably 7.5+. Shut the books by 7pm and shut-off the phone by 8pm.
#2 AP Exam Tip: Eat a balanced breakfast (carbs/protein), pack a carby snack, and bring a bottle of water.
#3 AP Exam Tip: Pee at 7:30 (whether you need to or not).

20 Minute AB Calculus Summary VideoPart 1 / Part 2


Tuesday 5/14/2019

AP Exam day.


Wednesday 5/15/2019

Ice cream day! 


D's and F's on the last three exams and not sure what to do before your next test/retest?

1) Actively quiz yourself using: AB Practice Tests Tab / AB Practice Test Depot.  Predict what sort of problems will be on the exam (I try to help you with that by posting many practice exams.).  Solve those predicted problems prior to each exam; that would be active quizzing!  Create your own examples.  Skimming notes is crap as a college math study habit.  Re-writing or annotating notes while reworking examples out of your notes is active studying.  When in doubt, work through one of those blank tests from the AB Practice Tests Tab, score yourself, perform detailed test corrections, and use the problems you got incorrect to guide your further study.

2) Aim to complete and understand 100% of the homework (including MCQs/FRQs):  

  a) Come in to the Q&A sessions, before school, or after school and get every question you have on every problem answered.  And/or form study groups for the same purpose.  If you get stumped by a problem over break, write down your question, snap a picture with your phone, and email me the question.  I will generally respond within 48 hours.

  b) If you have to use the solutions or get help on a problem, find a similar problem to attempt on your own after you understand the first problem.  Stop being obsessed with doing the minimum.

  c) If you have to look up a formula to start a problem, copy that formula down in pen in the margin of your work, say the formula out loud, make a flash card for that formula, etc.  Use every possible trick to commit as many of these formulas to memory as possible.  Looking above at the previous problem for a formula does VERY LITTLE for long term memory building for many students.  Looking isn't good enough for AP Exams.

3) Re-evaluate your study habits:  Experiment with new study habits prior to college to find what works best for you.  

Study Habits for Math in College / Study Habits for Calculus / Study Habits for AP Calculus

4) Order a Princeton Review AP Prep. Book for Calc. or check one out from the school library.  Force yourself to schedule 1-2 hour blocks where you just start at the beginning of that book and move forward (all the way back to limits).


Want to work even farther ahead?

AB Calculus Book Assignments for the Entire Year

AB Calculus Video Links for the Entire Year