Next AB Calculus Assignment(s) (for those working ahead)

Wednesday 6/26/2019 (and on into the future...)

Optional ReadingWhat do you wish someone had told you about applying to college?

What do colleges want to see in your essays?

What DON’T colleges want to see in your essays?

Optional Reading: What do you wish someone had told you before college?

Optional ReadingMistakes Freshmen Make / UW Focused

Optional Watching: Student Loans Explained


Summer Information to Explore (Use the Power of Google!):

Consider coming up with 2+ Reach Schools, 3+ Target Schools, and 2+ Safety Schools after exploring data related to those schools.  Reach vs. Target vs. Safety Schools Explained.

Ex. search terms:  University of Washington admit data /  Northwestern admit data

Ex. search terms:  University of Washington financial aid data /  Northwestern financial aid data

Ex. search terms:  University of Washington majors offered / Northwestern majors offered

Ex. search terms:  University of Washington competitive majors / Northwestern competitive majors

Note: If you qualify for free/reduced lunch AND you have 90+ percentile test scores and a solid GPA, you should apply to as many schools as possible, including a couple reach schools.  You may be shocked at the financial aid offer one of them gives you.  Common App (And Other App) Fee Waivers

Khan Academy SAT Website / SAT Practice Tests to Print (Includes Links to Answers and Explanations!)

SAT Score Choice

SAT Subject Tests - Who Requires Them / SAT Subject Tests - General Information / SAT Subject Tests - Preparation

Required ACT Book #1 / Required ACT Book #2

The Difference Between Early Action and Early Decision for College Applications

Early Action Schools / Early Decision Schools (This would require you to get your letters of recommendation EARLY as well!)

Financial Need (EFC) Estimator

Schools that Meet Full Financial Need

Financial Aid Explained / Student Loans Explained - Be sure to understand what you are getting into with student loans and how you will eventually pay them back!

Two Year vs. Four Year College - Pros and Cons / Ex. Equivalency Guide - Green River -> UW / Ex. Course Requirements - Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - UW

University of Washington Academic Planning Worksheets - Each academic planning worksheet shows you what GPA students earned at their previous college before transferring and getting into a given department at UW.

Ex. search terms:  University of Washington Transfer Admit Data


D's and F's on the last three exams and not sure what to do before your next test/retest?

1) Actively quiz yourself using: AB Practice Tests Tab / AB Practice Test Depot.  Predict what sort of problems will be on the exam (I try to help you with that by posting many practice exams.).  Solve those predicted problems prior to each exam; that would be active quizzing!  Create your own examples.  Skimming notes is crap as a college math study habit.  Re-writing or annotating notes while reworking examples out of your notes is active studying.  When in doubt, work through one of those blank tests from the AB Practice Tests Tab, score yourself, perform detailed test corrections, and use the problems you got incorrect to guide your further study.

2) Aim to complete and understand 100% of the homework (including MCQs/FRQs):  

  a) Come in to the Q&A sessions, before school, or after school and get every question you have on every problem answered.  And/or form study groups for the same purpose.  If you get stumped by a problem over break, write down your question, snap a picture with your phone, and email me the question.  I will generally respond within 48 hours.

  b) If you have to use the solutions or get help on a problem, find a similar problem to attempt on your own after you understand the first problem.  Stop being obsessed with doing the minimum.

  c) If you have to look up a formula to start a problem, copy that formula down in pen in the margin of your work, say the formula out loud, make a flash card for that formula, etc.  Use every possible trick to commit as many of these formulas to memory as possible.  Looking above at the previous problem for a formula does VERY LITTLE for long term memory building for many students.  Looking isn't good enough for AP Exams.

3) Re-evaluate your study habits:  Experiment with new study habits prior to college to find what works best for you.  

Study Habits for Math in College / Study Habits for Calculus / Study Habits for AP Calculus

4) Order a Princeton Review AP Prep. Book for Calc. or check one out from the school library.  Force yourself to schedule 1-2 hour blocks where you just start at the beginning of that book and move forward (all the way back to limits).


Want to work even farther ahead?

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