Homework (Honors)

9.6 Finish "First Week of School Survey" due Wednesday, Sept. 7th

9.7 Read and annotate course syllabus for class Thursday, Sept.8th

Parent/guardian and student signature due Friday, Sept. 9th

9.12 Autobiography PPT due Thursday, Sept. 15th ... directions for turning this in provided by sub in class

9.13 to 9.30 Mrs. Williams out of building.  Please check with student daily about upcoming homework, assignments, etc.

10.3 Vocabulary squares for A Sound of Thunder (ASOT) vocab due Thursday, Oct. 6th

10.4 Vocab. quiz on ASOT words & review literary terms Friday, Oct. 7th

10.5 Vocab. squares due tomorrow, Oct. 6th

Study ASOT vocab and review literary terms for quiz Friday, Oct. 7th

10.10 Ongoing - Read book for outside reading project and/or begin working on assignment - directions in DOCUMENTS tab. Due Tuesday, Nov. 1st

10.12 Generate a list of ten newspaper headlines for the Seattle Times that reflect the plot of “The Necklace” using the vocabulary words from the story due Thursday, Oct. 13th

10.17 "The Necklace" vocab squares due Thursday, Oct. 20th

10.18 Study for vocab quiz ("The Necklace" and review) Friday, Oct. 21st

10.21 Read and/or work on Outside Reading Project due Tuesday, Nov.1st

10.24  Vocab squares due Wednesday, Oct. 26th

Outside Reading Project due Tuesday, Nov. 1st

10.26 Finish answering MDG study questions due Thursday (tomorrow)

10.31 ORP due tomorrow

11.7 Vocab squares due Wednesday, Nov. 9th & vocab quiz Thursday, Nov. 10th

11.8 Study vocab for quiz on Thursday, Nov. 10th

11.9 Reading Lord of the Flies (LOTF) chapters 1-4 due Wednesday, Nov. 16th & Lit circle role due Thursday, Nov. 17th

11.14 LOFT reading chapters 1-4 due Wednesday, 11.16

11.15 LOFT literature circle role due Thursday, 11.17

11.18 MDG essay rough draft (PRINTED) due Monday, Nov. 21st

11.21 LOTF reading chapters 5-8 & literature circle role #2 due Wednesday, Nov. 30th

11.23 Final, printed, draft of MDG essay due Wednesday, November 30th

11.28 Bring supplies for board game construction (ongoing this week and into next)

PRINTED FINAL COPY of MDG essay due Wednesday, Nov. 30th

LOTF reading chapters (5-8) due Wednesday, Nov. 30th

Vocab squares (SAT word list #2) due Thursday, Dec. 1st

11.29 See above

12. 5 LOTF reading chapters 9-12 due Wednesday, Dec. 7th

LOTF lit circle role due Thursday, Dec. 8th

MDG board game due Friday, Dec. 9th

12.8 Review characters, themes and symbols from LOTF for final text tomorrow

MDG board game due tomorrow

12.12 Vocab squares (SAT word list #3) due Thursday, 12. 15

12.13 Vocab squares due Dec. 15th

Study for vocab quiz Friday, Dec. 19th

1.4 Vocab squares (SAT word list 4) due Friday, 1.6

Vocab quiz Friday, 1.6

Outside Reading Project (directions in documents tab) due Monday, 1.23

1.9 Vocab squares (SAT word list 5) due Friday, 1. 13

ORP due Monday, January 23rd - NO LATE PROJECTS ACCEPTED (even with a late work ticket)

1.12 Vocab squares due tomorrow

Study for vocab quiz tomorrow

ORP due Monday, January 23rd

1.17 ORP due Monday

Extra Credit for Hamlet due Monday

1.18 R&J reading pkt. questions using textbook on www.classzone.com -MUST create a new student account using the NEW activation code posted on the homepage of this SWIFT site.

1.23 Study for vocab final (ALL WEEK!)

2.10 Finish reading Act II, scenes iii-v by Monday, 2.13

2.13 R&J vocab squares (R&J vocab Act II, words 11-20) due Thursday, 2.16

2.15 Vocabulary squares due tomorrow

2.16 FB profile page 

Study Act II words 11-20 vocabulary for quiz tomorrow, 2.17

2.27 Vocab squares, R&J ACT III ALL words due Thursday, March 2nd

3.2 Study for vocab quiz tomorrow

3.13 Vocabulary squares Act IV (all words) due Friday, 3.17

Study for vocabulary quiz & review previous words - Friday 3.17

3.14 Work on ORP due 4.17

3.20 License plate activity (directions on "daily agenda" tab) due tomorrow

Act V vocabulary squares (all words) due Thursday, 3.23

3.23 Vocabulary quiz (Act V words, all) tomorrow, 3.24

3.27 Review R&J in preparation for content test tomorrow

Begin to study Act I words and first half of Act II vocabulary words for future vocabulary quizzes