Creative Cooking

Welcome to the Wonderful and Creative World of Cooking!

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If you enjoy eating and would like to learn how to cook, this is the class for you! Over the years, I have been able to teach a wide variety of cooking abilities! I have had students who have never washed dishes, never cracked an egg, never opened the oven or have never even held a knife. I love getting to experience all of these discoveries with students! I have also had students whose parents own a restaurant and have skills even better then mine! This class is so fun for me because I get to teach and learn every single day.

My number one rule and expectation in class is Respect. We deal with a lot of sharp and heavy objects and I need to know that I can trust all of my students.

There is a class fee of $25 for Creative Cooking. We make all sorts of delicious and yummy foods during the semester and $25 is definitely worth it! In any given semester, we will get to practice basic and advanced kitchen skills of measuring properly, following directions, working collaboratively within a group and a variety of industry style employable skills.

I look forward to working with you and getting to share of delicious experiences with you as well!

Recipes used are always in the S:Drive outbox.