Exploring Childhood

Welcome to Exploring Childhood!

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This class is ran a little different from other courses. I have very high expectations for my students and I maintain a high level of Respect within my classroom. Students are treated like adults and I expect them to uphold a higher level of work and overall respect within the classroom. In Exploring Childhood, students will learn about everything from the pregnancy and birth process to ages and stages of childhood development. After this, we begin learning how to properly write age appropriate lesson plans that students will personally teach to an assigned age group at a daycare within the community. Because we are offered this amazing opportunity, the State of Washington requires that anyone working with young children needs to receive and PASS a Tuberculous (TB) test. I do require that students have this completed prior to us going to the daycare's, and students are not allowed to come with the class to the daycare's if they are not able to complete this.

Exploring Childhood is also a prerequisite in to our Conk Kids Daycare program. Please click on the Conk Kids Daycare class page to the left for more information!