8th Grade Language Arts

with Mr. Johannes


Welcome! This website is designed to allow students and parents easy access to class announcements, documents, and assignments. My hope is that this website will help students, parents, and teachers work together more effectively and efficiently. 

In the "Announcements" section, I will periodically post important information about class activities and assignments. Important news regarding new units, projects, assignments, and activities can be found here. In the "Discussion" section, students will have access to online forums where they can post responses to texts, questions, and their peers. In the "Documents" section, assignments, rubrics, worksheets, and homework documents will be posted for quick and easy access. In the "Classwork and Homework" section, class activities and homework will be posted regularly.

Our Language Arts classes are filled with great texts of different genres and forms, engaging discussions, debates, projects, and a ton of writing and presenting. My goal is to assist students develop literacy skills essential to personal expression, responsible citizenry, and high school, college, and career readiness. While building these skills, every student will be pushed to think critically about meaningful texts and topics that build connections and awareness of the real world around us. We hope that you'll be an active participant in our journey together.



 Mr. Johannes



Classroom Rules 

(1)   Always look out for the class.

-          This means being respectful, speaking one at a time, participating willfully, refraining from interrupting others, listening to the teacher’s directions, listening to your classmates, sharing materials with others when they need them, helping others when they are not understanding something, etc. The bottom line is: try to be a positive influence on the class and your classmates. Don’t do anything that will affect our classroom in a negative way. This is the number one rule. 

(2)   No whining, no complaining, no excuses. 

-          Whining, complaining, and excuses don’t get you anywhere in life. If you have a legitimate concern, please speak to me before or after school or at lunch.

(3)   Be prepared.

-          This means that you’ve read what you’ve been asked to read, written what you’ve been asked to write, and show up on time with all of your materials.