A message to PL families:

  • With the school year well underway, we wanted to make sure all families know about the Free and Reduced Lunch application process. This program provides assistance to families with the cost of breakfast and lunch at school. Please read the following information:
    You must reapply EVERY year. If you have not applied this year, you will need to do so or your child's benefits will run out very soon. 
  • You can apply online at the following website: https://www.mealappnow.com/man001/splash.php
  • You can also fill out a paper form. The school office has English and Spanish forms available.

If you have questions or run into issues you can contact the school office and they can assist you or direct you to who to contact. As always, feel free to contact me via email or the phone number below with any questions or concerns.


Michelle Avolio, NBCT