Wow! Just like that, we are in the home stretch! Currently we are talking about Weather in Science and learning about how it is predicted and how to understand a weather report. In Math, we are continuing our work around decimals and new learning with division of decimals. In Literacy, we are celebrating Poetry Month by working on a collection of student made poems. Each student will be completing a poetry book of poem created and published by them! 

Now that we are heading toward the end of the year, it is vitally important that students are at school. There will be several tests given in the next couple of week and student absences will cause students to feel like they need to rush. Additionally, homework is still an important aspect of our workday. These students will soon be middle schoolers and homework will be a part of their overall grade. Getting into the habit of doing their homework now will be an asset to them next year.

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Mrs. Schuster