6th Grade

Hour of Code: Continued
I Can give directions to a computer.

Before you begin, please review the vocabulary words below:

bugAn error in a program that prevents the program from running as expected. 
click - Press the mouse button.
code - The language that programmers create and use to tell a computer what to do.
debugging - Finding and fixing problems in an algorithm or program. 
double click - Press the mouse button very quickly two times. 
loop - The action of doing something over and over again. 

Next, you may choose a coding activity after you sign in at code.org.  Use section code NJJFKS



If you wish, you may share your work on our Padlet below.  Please remember to be a good DIGITAL CITIZEN - keep it appropriate and keep it safe.  Do not share any personal information.

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When you are done, you may practice keyboarding at login.learning.com.

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