Welcome to 6th Grade Math at Sawyer Woods!

On these pages, you will find information for all 6th grade math classes at Sawyer Woods--the Red, Green and Blue groups. There will also be information about any math homework that is assigned or math projects that need to be completed outside of our regular class time. I've also included a page with specific links to sites that students use during class along with some fun sites to visit for additional practice.  In addition to math information, I will pass along any reminders for both parents and students as they come up.

Students and families are more than welcome to email at anytime with questions! I can usually help a student over email if they are stuck or confused on a concept or problem.  Kimberly.walker@kent.k12.wa.us

Below are the Prodigy Class Codes for each student group. Students should be working on their Prodigy account for 20-30 each evening in place of traditional homework. I create the assignments that they are working on in Prodigy, so it gives them additional practice and review on what we are working on in class.

Red Group Prodigy Class Code:  929832

Green Group Prodigy Class Code: 3B9E4B

Blue Group Prodigy Class Code: B68637

Thank you for sharing your kiddos with me! This is an amazing group of students!


Waskowitz Outdoor School paperwork and payment should be submitted by October 29. 😊

Waskowitz Outdoor School-- November 6th through November 9th (student pick-up Friday, November 9th at 12:30 in front of Sawyer Woods)

Please have your student return their Eagle Messenger each Monday to their homeroom teacher.

PE Days are Mondays and Thursdays

Music Days are Tuesdays and Fridays

Library/Tech is on Wednesday