March 24

Dear Families,

Testing season is upon us!  Please add the following dates to your calendars. It is important that students are present and on time during the testing days. Being well rested and eating a healthy breakfast are also helpful. Thank  you for your support!

April 25th: SBA, English Language Arts, Performance Task

April 26th: SBA, English Language Arts, Performance Task

May 2nd: SBA, English Language Arts, CAT

May 5th: SBA, Math, Performance Task

May 9th: SBA, Math, CAT

May 22, 23, 24: i-Ready, Math and Reading

SBA: Smarter Balanced Assessment (formerly known as the MSP or WASL)

CAT: Computer Adaptive Testing

PT: Performance Task

 For more information about the SBA:

Feb. 3rd

Dear Parents,

I want to thank you and congratulate you on the awesome job you did signing up electronically for conferences. You made my job so much easier. I am looking forward to our conversations about your children and their successes and struggles. 

I have been out ill with no voice and the timing of this illness comes at such a busy time. I apologize for not updating the Homework Blog the last two days. 

Since I have been out, I have not been able to share with the students about our small Valentines celebration coming up.  Since it falls during conference week, the celebration will be low key, but the students have always enjoyed it in the past.  The students are asked to decorate and bring in some kind of box or container to hold their valentines from their classmates.  Have your child sign their cards, and it is not necessay to address each card.  The delivery process goes so much more quickly this way. I will remind them next week about this, too.

Have a great weekend and see you in a couple of weeks.

Goals for the Week of November 28..... Students are focusing on individual writing goals.  Check with your child to see what area of focus in writing he/she has chosen for this week.


November 14 - Goals for the Week

Reading....I will read at least one RAZ-Kids story from the list of Asia stories

Writing....I will capitalize all proper nouns, especially when they are in the text

Math....I will improve at least 15 points in XtraMath by next Monday


November 7

"Goals for the Week"

Reading....I will practice "fluency" nightly at home for 5 minutes.

Writing....I will continue to practice 2 nouns/2 commas topic sentence strategy with "Asia" topics.

Math....I will practice telling the minute.


 October 31

Goals for the Week" 

Reading....I will write detailed answers to RAZ-Kids focus/response questions

Writing....I will practice writing topic sentences using the "2 nouns/2commas" strategy

Math....I will practice my multiplication/division 5s facts (in less than 2 minutes)

                       HAVE A SAFE AND FUN HALLOWEEN!


September 19

If your child would like to join the Sunrise Choir, the yellow sign up form is due by Friday.  Some students have not yet returned the Emergency Forms. Please remind your child that the Library contract must be signed this week in order to check out books from the library.  I will be updating the calendar as often as needed and the Homework Blog daily....I hope!

Also, I handed out a form which lists book series and their levels to help you and your child choose the appropriate book.  This list is to be kept in their binder.   It is important that students read the "just right" books for their reading level and then pass with 80% or better on the Book Adventure tests.  Unfortunately, not all books will have tests.  If your child is struggling or inconsistent, I will want them to read only books that have tests for awhile, so that I can monitor their progress and help out when needed.

February 9

In case you are interested in finding out more about the SBA Testing coming up this spring for our third graders, check out the website in my FAVORITES menu.

February 3

Just a heads up.  Next Friday, February 12th, the class will be celebrating Valentine's Day before lunch.  It will be a small celebration due to the half day.  The students will be exchanging and opening Valentine's and have a small Valentine's treat to eat with their lunch.  I have found the easiest way to pass out Valentines is to have your child sign the cards but leave the outside envelope blank.  They can go around and deliver their Valentines much quicker and easier this way.  The students will need to bring in some type of "mailbox".  This will need to be an at-home project, or they can use a special box, bucket, container...that would work as a "mailbox".  Please have the students bring those to school next week.  

January 19

Welcome back after the Winter Break and Martin Luther King holiday.  I apologize for not keeping up with the Homework Blog.  Things have been crazy in third grade since the week before Winter Break.  We still have a schedule that is not following our normal routine.  So, the students and I are doing our best to stay focused and get back into the routine of our daily expectations.  We have so much to look forward to learning in the months ahead.

We have conferences coming up in February.  Thanks to those parents that sent back the conference forms giving me the times of your availability for your child's conference.  Again, please be flexible and patient with the time I schedule your conference.  I will do my best to honor your choices, but with 26 students, it will challenging. I can't guarantee I can be successful to those parents that limit the conference availability to only one day and one time.  Remember, the late Tuesday evening is wanted by many, and I can only accommodate 3 parents between 5:00 and 6:00. 

Looking forward to meeting with you all next month and filling you in on your child's progress to date.

November 18

I just signed up for a 30-day trial on IXL for Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.  I will introduce these new items to the students, but we will not have time to take full advantage of the lessons in this short of time.  I encourage your child to check them out and to use the lessons as much as possible at home for the next month.  This can be a fun way to learn new facts and knowledge in the fields of science and social studies.  The language arts program has amazing lessons to learn grammar, dictionary skills, parts of speech, capitalization and punctuation rules.  This is a great independent learning tool!

October 27

In IXL, I have added a star/highlight to the areas we have covered in computer lab or areas that would reinforce skills covered in our math lessons.  Hopefully, this will help you and your child know what to work on when he/she wants to practice math skills.  To the right of each activity is a score to indicate if your child did the skill or how far they have worked on the skill.  The goal is to have 100% on all the highlighted/starred lessons.  This should help you to see how well your child is doing or how little your child has accomplished to date. Using IXL will definitely produce results in the classroom.

October 23

The calendar has been updated with reminders of important events coming up in the next few weeks.  Also, I have added Typing Instructor and Math Magician links to the Favorites.

October 18

Looking forward to meeting all the parents and to share the goals for this third grade year.  I will also share scores received on assessments and daily work that will give you an idea of how your child is doing so far, and which areas he/she will need extra focus to meet the third grade Common Core Standards by June.  See you soon.