Welcome Letter

Dear Families:


Welcome to our Second grade dual Language class at Carriage Crest!  All our monthly letters will be posted on Bloomz. I will send information to join soon. Let me know if you prefer a hard copy.. Other important letters about events and homework will be sent home in the Thursday Coyote envelope.  After looking at the information, PLEASE RETURN THIS  ENVELOPE SIGNED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


RULES:  The students have the right to be safe and happy in an encouraging learning environment so we have agreed to the following rights and responsibilities.  School rules listed first and in parenthesis are our classroom rules

·         Be Responsible (Follow directions quickly; Make smart choices)

  • Be Respectful     (Raise our hand to speak or stand; Respect others, respect ourselves, respect our school; Listen when the speaker is taking.)
  • Be Safe and Honest (Make smart choices; Be kind, be safe, be honest)
  • Be a Learner (includes all above rules).




VOLUNTEERS:  We want you! We love you!  We need you! 

You do not have to be a "mom" to help at school.  Dads, grandparents, or other loving adults are welcome to join us.  Please fill out and return the volunteer form attached if you are interested or contact me. Please make sure that you have been fingerprinted and fill out the forms for the office as well. I will put together a schedule by the end of the month. I especially would appreciate a Thursday volunteer to complete our Coyote envelopes.


BACKPACKS:  To insure that your child brings home his/her papers safely, please provide him/her with a book bag or backpack large enough to fit a 10x13 envelope. This needs to come to school every day!


WATER BOTTLES: Only water bottles are allowed on desks.  Please have your student’s name on it and if it is reusable, remind your student to bring home once a week for thorough cleaning.   Please make sure that it has a snap on cover and not a screw on lid. (This is a privilege and can be lost if water bottle is misused.)  Other types of drinks will be allowed only during lunch. 


HOMEWORK AND CURRICULUM:  Homework will be sent home on Thursday with the coyote envelope and it is due the following Wednesday, thus giving students a weekend in between. Homework letters will be arriving soon and more information will be shared at Curriculum Night.


BIRTHDAYS: We will try to celebrate your child’s birthday on or near their date in our homerooms only. I will be sending a notecard as to the date and time with your student. Because of many health issues and allergies, I request that instead of treats send a small prize such as a pencil, eraser, fidget toy etc. Alternatively, you can also donate a book to our classroom library. If your child’s birthday is in the summer, we will celebrate their half birthday during the year. I will send a note on the date.


COMMUNICATION:  My phone number is 253-373-2020.  My e-mail address is rita.lenes@kent.k12.wa.us or through the Carriage Crest Web site link.


I look forward to a great year with your child.  



Mrs. Lenes