Monthly Letters

September 7, 2017

The Lenes Reporter

Dear Families,

In English language arts we are building our reading and classroom community and learning to retell narratives by asking who, what, where, when , why and how questions.  We will learn author’s purpose, cause and effect and story structure. In addition, we will focus on word meaning and building reading stamina.

In math we have been reviewing, setting up our math community and solving addition and subtraction story problems with 2 addends, and missing addend. (You may access our Math Expressions curriculum through their web site ThinkCentral –cc2, 12345). The math games are Mega Math.

Classroon Rules:

Follow directions quickly

Listen when the speaker is talking

Raise your hand to speak or stand

Make smart choices

Respect yourself,respect others, respect our school.

Be safe, be kind, be honest.

As a school we have been working on the 4 B’s. Ask your child to review these with you.

Be Responsible, Be a Learner, Be Respectful, Be honest and safe

When students follow the rules they receive Coyote paws for individual prizes and also as a class they get smileys and frownies. When the class totals 10 smileys- 10 days of great behavior- they receive an award such as choice of center time, extra computers, reading under a fort etc. When individual students do not follow the rules, they receive a warning, next they stay in during recess to practice the rule for 2 minutes. If the behavior continues to happen the students will fill out a “think paper” to bring home. Finally- depending on the severity and frequency of the behavior- the student may receive a communications/white slip(minor) OR an office referral when serious (major).


A Message from Señor Franzen:


Spanish Language Arts -SLA

Students are reviewing interpersonal communication phrases (greetings), and presentational writing (about their likes and dislikes). Students are learning Phonics and Phonemic Awareness of the Spanish language.  They are learning the vowels and ma-me syllables. In writing, this week students will start brainstorming words with the ma - me syllables.

Reading: I am assessing both groups of students on their Spanish reading level.

Social Studies in Spanish - Students are learning about Citizenship.

Note: I am looking for a parent volunteer to read with students in Spanish.


Sept. 22- Picture Day

Sept. 21- Early Release

**We apologize for the confusing supply lists. It is very helpful if students have paper supplies in both classrooms. So, they need 3 spirals and 3 composition books for each room. We can share pencils and other small items. If you sent one binder with paper it will stay in the homeroom, if you sent 2 they will take one to each room.  I have extra pocket folders and pencils that were donated by parents so no need for those. Students will only need one set of headphones for their homeroom.

Some donations that would be appreciated in the classroom are:

Sharpened pencils, Kleenex boxes, English/Spanish dictionaries