School Closure March-April 2020

March 13, 2020

Dear Students and families,

              What an unusual time we’re living in!  With all the uncertainty of this school closure, I will try (and I ask my students to try) to face these challenges head-on and be strong.  While we determine as a district how to move forward, I don’t want our class to lose any ground.  So, I will include some information to keep learning happening at home and will update periodically.

This can be an unsettling time for kids. I would like to encourage you to stay on a schedule as much as possible, and please limit unsupervised/mindless screen time.  There is some useful learning online though.  Encourage the kids to explore their interests and direct their own learning.  Of course, none of this is required or due. I am just trying to provide some resources and direction.

Reading:  At this time I recommend iReady and Raz-kids to keep your students practicing reading.  They can read the book, listen to the words, and answer comprehension questions.  Also, just read books!  All types and genres, as much as possible.  Please encourage your child to read a minimum of  20 minutes per day. Fill in those reading logs or just keep track of your reading on a sheet of paper!

In addition, iReady has graciously provided some reading assignments for the students to complete on line!

Math:  I encourage students to use iReady for math practice as well.  The kids also enjoy playing Prodigy for fun math games. There are no assigned workbook math pages currently. For updates please see posts on Bloomz and check the Carriage Crest web site daily.

Writing:  It is important to keep practicing writing.  Ask your student to write about the last book they read, journal their days/events, write a letter, invent a new story, write a poem like Dr. Seuss or write anything!  Practice sounding out the words while spelling, and practice good handwriting.


  • Our librarian has put links to many programs in one place. Look on the CC Web site for Raz Kids, Toy Theater, PebbleGo, etc.. In addition, please check the CC web site for more ideas and daily updates.

Thanks to all of you!  I will miss seeing our students every day!  Students can write to me, and  I’ll write back!  Please contact me through Bloomz or email if you have any questions or concerns.  I would love to hear from all of you periodically.   

Stay healthy!


Mrs. Rita Lenes