Kindergarten News
Date:                     September 20, 2012
Health:                  Washing hands and brushing our teeth
Homework:            Phonics, Practice letter recognition and formation for upper and lower case letters and practice writing first name. Also practice listening for rhyming words.
Math:                     Practicing counting in groups 1-5. We are also learning to identify math partners (ie 5 is made up of partners 2 and 3, 1 and 4, 5 and 0. We are learning to write numbers to 5 and learning about graphs.
Classroom information: We have had a wonderful start to the beginning of school. The children are busy learning daily routines, rules of the classroom and school. The students have demonstrated to be eager learners and are very entertaining to listen to.
Volunteering At curriculum Night, I will post another volunteer signup sheet. If you are unable to sign up then, there will be plenty of opportunities throughout the year to volunteer. Just let me know you are interested.
Curriculum Night : Thursday night , October 4, 2012 at 6:45 Curriculum Night. Please plan on securing a child sitter because this event is designed for parents. Parking is a problem at Carriage Crest, so please get here early. Once here, go to the multipurpose room for announcements. Mrs. Wick will direct you as to when to go to the classrooms. I’m located in Friendship Hall; in room number is 203, which is almost at the end of the hall. It is very vital for an adult in the family to attend. During the thirty minutes of sharing, I will highlight important curriculum information, calendar dates and special event to plan for through the year.
Important dates:                              Picture day Tuesday September 25, 2012. Pictures will be taken in the morning and these are just individual pictures. Class pictures will be taken later in the year.
Late Start Wed. September 26  This is one of our late start days of the school year. School will begin two hours later for students. Our day will start at 10:30 second bell. School will be demised at regular time 2:30 PM.
If you have any questions it is best contact me through my SWIFT account through the school‘s website, or call me at (253) 373 – 2018. Thank you for your support and sending your child ready to learn.
Kindest Regards,
Mrs. Molnar