KE 5th Grade

Band meets on Mondays and Thursdays!


What you need to bring to band every class:

Instrument, pencil, band book, binder or folder, and a good attitude ready to play music!


Please bring all materials to band rehearsal every time. It is required and will help you during rehearsal.


How You're Graded in band:


You will receive one point for each of the following items each day of band for a total of 4 points daily. 


Pencil (1), Band book -- Essential Elements book 1 for your instrument (1), Instrument (1), binder or folder (1)


You will never receive lower than a 1 on a day that you are in band. 




Classroom Expectation and Rules: (made by the students and the teacher together)

No speaking out of turn
Face the person who is talking
Raise your hands to ask questions
Be Respectful (equipment, people, instruments, etc.)
Sit correctly in your chair
Take care of the restroom before you come to the classroom