A homework packet will come home every Monday.



Returning a Reading Log for their Accelerated Reading book is required  homework.  A minimum of 30 minutes 5 times a week must be read by the child.  The reading log is to be signed by the parent and returned Monday in your child's daily folder.


As teachers, we are not able to check every homework paper that is returned, so we rely on parents to review their child’s homework before it is brought back to school.  If there are special questions, please note them or email me. I can go over questions with the students. Homework will be checked off when it is received, and is not sent back home, since you have already seen and practiced the skills with your child.


Second grade teachers do not expect your child to work independently on their homework.  Second graders need help and adult supervision. These assignments are always a review of skills previously taught and will keep you informed of your child's level of performance.  At the beginning of every Math unit we will send home a Parent Letter explaining the tasks and skills taught and learned in the unit. Use this as a guide to help your child.