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What's New?

Beginning in January: Late work will be accepted at a reduced grade. This means students need to turn in work when it is due to receive the most points. Being late will reduce the score by an amount similar to 10%.

Extreme late work may not be graded but will be removed from the missing assignments list. Be sure your child turns their work in on time!

Please let me know if you have questions!

Our class book goal is 250 novels. See our progress!

Student Gallery and Art

Crestwood PTA Has MANY events for our students!

 Parent Requirements



 Student Requirements



Just for fun a few riddles, deep thoughts, and more

Check on your child's mental health.

Provide a quiet place to work with adequate internet access. Check in daily with your child. How do you want them to participate in their learning? Ask them to tell you what they learned today... Have them show you the missing work page in Canvas. Use CTRL - f  and type their name to "find" how many assignments they are missing.




Check KSD email, Microsoft Teams and Canvas daily.

They should use their cameras, microphones, and chat daily in their learning.

All students have an email (Outlook) account and can access Teams and Canvas using their login and password.   

From KSD webpage click "office 365" then select Outlook or Teams. video, (no audio)   


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What do you think these word maps have in common?staff words.png

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Below is a picture to make you laugh as I am losing my mind.

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