• This web site contains most notices. The school sends home the weekly letter via email. 
  • Our class room handbook is also here under documents.
  • This year will be a trying time for the children as I increase my expectations for self management and growth.  This is the year for them to realize how strong they are on their own.  This is also the time for parents to start expecting more self motivation and management from their child.  As a team we can help the children realize their potential and watch them become more secure in themselves.
  • I don't assign "home work" other than in math.  I teach a lesson and then assign work for the students to complete to show me they are learning the skill.  If they don't finish in class it becomes home work to be completed at home for the next school day. 
  • FALL is upon us and the weather is very changeable.  Please remind your student of the need to layer clothes and make sure all layers are clean as sixth grades are changing physically and may start to have a stronger smell .
  • Conferences will be different this year.  In October you will have an conference with your child and I to set the educational goals for the year. We will set goals in Reading, Writing, and Math. They will sit with you and lead the conference.  I will be there to support and answer any questions that arise.  You will get the first report card in late early February  for that conference.This is focused on the student's learning success and goals for the rest of the year.  Goals will be adjusted as needed/as met.  At the end of the year the report card will come home on the last day as always.
  • Progress Reports are sent home every two school weeks. A list of missing work is included.  Signatures are requested... on the returned report.