Updated 6/1/20                                                                                                                                                                                   Writing          Room 55              Mr. Jancola  

Reading booksingle.jpg   Help with Reading

Need a book? Use your free KCLS account with KSD.  31 Children's books to support conversations on race, racism and resistance


What do you do when you finish a book? (Visit Classroom Books We Have Read Chart.)

1. Could you write a response? Click below to read or write a review. 

Skinny Bones Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry Freedom Crossing From the Mixed-up Files
Lions and Liars Bailey's Story Forever, or a Long, Long Time Many Reflections of Miss Jane Deming
The Only Road Real Friends The Song from Somewhere Else The Mighty Odds
Mrs. Smith's Spy School for Girls Spirit Hunters The Goldfish Boy Front Desk
Maniac Magee  Just Jaime  Your book here!  

 Which book above does the following quote come from? "Ain't never no reason good enough to go disobey your mama."

2. What about working on Vocabulary? Download a blank graphic organizer to help.

3. Maybe complete a story mountain chart.

4. Let's do a treasure hunt challenge of our class website!

5. Show off time - how much do you know about your classmates?

Want a real challenge related to our rain forest study?



Help with Reading Electronically

Use Snap and Read Universal. This is an App and a Chrome extension. 

As an App you will find it located in software center from the Windows menu on your KSD laptop.

If you are not on a KSD laptop, download the extension with your KSD login.

One of my favorite tools is to "Minimize Distractions". This will eliminate all the advertisements! But there is SO much more!

Try the tutorial.