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All Things Writing

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Integrating Quotes into your Essay    Thesis Statement


Help with Typing 


Fun Writing Prompts!

Describe a day you would want to repeat, either to enjoy again or change for the better.

If dogs ruled the world what would they make humans do?

If cats ruled the world - oh, wait - they do!

If I could have any superpower what would it be?

If a large cardboard box arrives on your doorstep with your name on it, what's inside & happens when you open it?

If you were in charge of making a family dinner what would you make & what steps would you take to make it?

Email Mr. J. your work





Help with Typing

 Kent School District gives us access to some wonderful apps that can help with reading, writing, and typing!

First, open MS Word. In the upper right corner you will see a microphone



Now is the time to have fun! Start talking and the computer types for you! When you get to the end of a sentence,

be sure to say, "period" or "exclamation mark". This way each sentence will be separate. You will still need to go back and clean up spelling and capitals, but that little bit of editing is worth all the talking you can do!


Second, Co:Writer is an app and an extension that can even work in the browser Chrome! This has word prediction capabilities, so if you struggle with spelling, fear not! For the desktop app, search for software center (on KSD laptops) from the magnifying glass

magnify.jpgin the task bar. Type cowriter in the search window of KSD Software Center.



Without a KSD laptop, you can use the Chrome extension. Just install and use your KSD login.


Third, practice typing with Easy Tech Keyboarding located at Learning.com. Login with Clever and KSD login.