Jeff Thungc manages the Student Technology Educational Partnerships (STEP),  which is a division of the Information Technology Department. STEP is a student technology leadership program of the Kent School District with a mission to help students develop their leadership skills through technology programs and projects. For more information on the STEP Program, please visit
 Jeff was born in the war-torn country of Laos. Walking through bullets during the fighting of the Secret War, his family fled to a refugee camp in Thailand. Jeff survived the starvation in the refugee camp by escaping, finally coming to the United States at age fourteen. Without knowing any English, he was put into an eighth grade class at Sequoia Middle School, which had no ESL/ELL classes at that time. In two months, he failed all of his classes, including PE. This was dreadful news to Cletis Anderson, who was the family sponsor. After doing some research, she moved the family to the Seattle School District which had a bilingual program directed by Dr. Edward Lee Vargas, current KSD Superintendent. Jeff was determined to get out of ESL by sacrificing his music and sports to focusing all of his time on learning English. One year later, he joined a regular language art class only to find out that his family was moving to California. Starting at a new school district, Jeff found himself struggling in the educational system again, only this time he was fighting racism against the school board and the superintendent.  He managed to graduate in the top 10 of his class and was the valedictory speaker at his graduation.  For his post-secondary education, he graduated from Northwest University with a degree in Organizational Management in the public sector and supplemental training in K-12 Education from California State University of Chico.
Through his experience, Jeff is very passionate in helping young people succeed in life, as well as empowering them to raise their standards and strive for excellence. His reward is to see young people realizing their untapped potential. In his role with the district, he mentors students to reach beyond their limits to unleash that hidden potential. Jeff enjoys creating projects that impact people’s lives for better. He likes to spend time with his family playing board games and volleyball as well as reading, writing, and gardening. Jeff is married with two children.