Resources for Common Core State Standards - Secondary Mathematics

Common Core General Resources Common Core Assessments
Common Core State Standards for Mathematics SBAC Practice Tests (open in Firefox)
The Hunt Institute - videos on CCSS-M Grades 6-8
North Central ESD Math Resources  High School
Recommended Supplemental Resources 
Illustrative Math Project 
- sample tasks and explanations by grade level standard
CCSS Vocabulary: Granite School District - Vocabulary lists, cards, and activities.
Math Solutions - Quick tips for practice standards. MARS Mathematics Assessment Project - lessons and tasks by standard (Grades 6-HS)

Kansas State Flipbooks -  a compilation of research, “unpacked” standards from many states, instructional strategies and examples for each standard at each grade level.
(K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, HS)

State of Ohio Model Curricula – Click on grade level Model Curricula
document to access detailed cluster information including instructional
strategies, additional resources, common misconceptions, and connections to critical areas of focus.
 Videos: The Teaching Channel - Common Core Videos: Inside Mathematics - videos by grade level, aligned to Standards for Mathematical Practices – great tasks and instructional strategies
Learning Progressions - Middle School Learning Progressions - High School
6–8 Progression on The Number System; High School, Number High School Progression on Statistics and Probability 
6–7 Progression on Ratios and Proportional Relationships High School Progression on Algebra 
6–8 Progression on Expressions and Equations High School Progression on Functions

6–8 Progression on Statistics and Probability

High School Progression on Modeling
 Resources for Family Communication

 Parent Roadmaps to the CCSS – Published by The Council of the Great City Schools,
separate mathematics and ELA roadmaps are provided for each grade level K-8.
(Approximately six pages each; Spanish versions included.)

Parents' Guides to Student Success – Published by the National PTA, one
flier for each grade level K-8 overviews mathematics and ELA CCSS expectations and recommendations for parents. Fliers are also provided for High School
English and High School Math. (Spanish versions included.)
Toolkit for Parents and Families – From engageNY, this site provides
educators detailed resources for planning workshops on the CCSS. (Agendas,
planning guides, PPTs, etc.)

The Common Core State Standards: An Introduction for Families – 
Published by The Aspen Institute, this flyer explains what the standards are
and why they are important for improving education. 
English language version
Spanish language version.

Smarter Balanced Parents' Factsheet – Published by SBAC, this one-page
document overviews the key features, purpose, and time line of the new, coming assessments.

Ready Washington
Published by a coalition supporting college- and career-ready learning
standards, this site provides advocacy and support resources for CCSS and NGSS
under the mantra, Real Learning for Real Life.